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  1. Got the remainder of the bumper mounting bolts squared up and bolted the mounts on after sticking some black tape along the middle.
    2018-07-31 15.35.35.jpg
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  2. Removed the sump plate and gave the underside a scrubbing with some degreaser then washed it off. Probably the cleanest its been in years. [​IMG]
    2018-08-02 15.36.42.jpg

    Topside was given a scrub too and hosed off. Needs a going over with a wire brush to remove the remains of the oxidisation.
    2018-08-02 16.06.54.jpg

    Original numbers matching F code 1300 engine. :)
    2018-08-02 16.06.07.jpg
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  3. Been struggling to fit the 1/4 lights in the doors as the outer window seal keeps snagging and getting dragged into the door by the dividing bar. :mad:
  4. still been watching looking good keep up the good work owen:worship:
  5. Little bits getting done here and there. Had to touch up a few scratches in the paint again from working in a small garage. :(

    I need to replace all the paper hoses under the bonnet and the two on the fanhousing as they all went soggy or got damaged. Gonna cost £58 :eek: for them all so been looking for cheaper alternatives.
  6. Dented the new chrome trim and scratched the paint fitting the 1/4 light today. :( Touch up done with a brush might look OKish after sanding and buffing.
    2018-08-10 14.49.55.jpg

    The chrome trim for the passengers door had a dent already when i removed it from its box. :(

    Cartune sticker i picked up at Tatton looks better with a vintage camera filter.
  7. Fitted the 1/4 light and window to the passengers door.

    Glass fitted to drivers door.

    Ended up with this small pucker. :(
    2018-08-12 14.42.54.jpg Doesn't look like theres anything i can do with it.

    Removed the exhaust and heat exchangers off the engine and put it on the dolly to move it into the garage.
    2018-08-12 16.13.13.jpg
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  8. gently heat rubber up
  9. I've been told that before but not sure what to heat it with that won't damage anything.
  10. hair dryer or heat gun , i would use hair dry ,gently does it
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  11. I'll give it a go and see what happens. :thumbsup:

    Got the low pressure side of the brake system done today. Used £3.50p worth of 8mm aluminium tube from B&Q. I was never gonna spend £28 on the correct stuff from the VW shops. :rolleyes:
    2018-08-13 14.22.26.jpg

    2018-08-13 14.22.34.jpg
    Cable tied the brake switch wiring to it so theres no chance of it getting tangled in anything.

    Still need to open the holes out in the brake hose mount as the Vauxhall brake hoses i have are slightly bigger diameter than the VW ones so won't fit through. Not enough space to get my drill in so gonna have to use the dremel with grinding stone.
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