mig welders can anyone explain ?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by lowie, Oct 2, 2011.

  3. I just use straight co2 nowadays as its cheaper and my regulator is set between 5 and 6 but its that high because im working outdoors
  7. So I got to try out my new automatic darkening mask. The results are pretty miraculous. I thought I'd got the hang of welding years ago, but these days I just can't see what I'm doing through a regular mask.
  10. sorry to bring this back from the dead but you was all right
    GAS is loads better
    i got the welder from work the other day and tried a bit without gas loads more adjustment and better so today i went and got some argon (they didnt have the argon mix stuff which is best ?)and 0.06 wire and tips its fantastic
    the wire not comeing tru very well but even so tons better thanks to everyone who helped sort this out
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    well done mate, keep practicing :thumbsup:

    .....the more you do the better you get :D
  12. I had a cobel welder which was Marmite... it would blow holes spit and fart even with gas.
    So when it finally gave up the ghost i brought a sealy mighty pro. these babies sell at 800 a pop. sealy had a promotion on mine at 550. i was able to do about an hours welding of old mig time in about 10 minutes.
    so beware of some cheap chinese imported crap,
    clarkes are good my first was a clark and i did my mini clubman with that..wings/door skins/ a panels /sunframe mounts..
  13. Using Argon won`t be as nice as Argoshield ( pureshield Argon is more for Alloys and stainless) but will probably do you . CO2 is again not as nice to weld with but will be fine but personally 12 litres per minute is way too much .....unless you gauge is iffy and your not using a flow meter, Max should be 10 and normally 6-8 lpm

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