mig welders can anyone explain ?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by lowie, Oct 2, 2011.

  3. hey 13 window deluxe :)
    i ve just noticed your in chesterfield m8 i am in sutton in ashfield small world
  5. I use 0.8 all the time don't have any probs but like has been said it is better for thicker steel
  8. No
    I know him though he does a bit of work on my VW s from time to time but I am trying to do my westie on my own
    I am the other side of asda going out towards Stanton hill and tibshelf
  13. This thread is handy for me as I'm just starting on some body work. In anticipation of rust under the window seals I've got myself a rear hatch to play on. The section under the window rubber has rusted and I've cut it out and welded piece in. Thanks BTW for the suggestions elsewhere of getting 1mm cutting disks.

    Like you lowie I've been blowing holes, but it's improved as I got the power setting right. It seems to me quite critical to get a good earth and to clean up well round the weld area. If there's paint or oil in the vicinity and it burns it will leave soot on the metal and that needs constantly cleaning off.

    I have a problem since I can't quite see what I'm working on because my mask is so dark and I find I've welded in the wrong place or given it too much in one spot. Maybe I need a less dark glass, or maybe one of those masks that darkens automatically, but I don't want to risk my eyesight, so any hints?
  14. I ve got the auto type of mask from eBay only 30 quid spot on so no problems there just the idiot behind the torch lol
  15. I ve decided When i get out again in a week or so
    I am going to cut a slightly bigger hole and cut a new piece in taking my time and clean it all up again even behind and if that fails I ll buy a new corner and a new welder just don't tell the wife
  16. I used the gasless and found it had to be super clean and once you start on a big weld you need to clean it have way again and it spits a lot .
    Give it a go but I think you would be happier with a new welder and bottle or argon :) just don't tell the wife
  17. Save yourself time and hassle and buy a gas mig and auto darkening mask dude
    There well worth the initial outlay when you consider what started as a small square repair may end up a full bottom quater panel repair
  18. your pictures look like your wire is to slow, practice a bit more (not on the car) with different speeds of the wire and also how gfast you move!

    good luck
  19. Talking to a bloke at work he going to dig his gas mig welder out for me
    See how I get on with that if he gets it me

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