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  1. Yeah, mines a 74 model so that makes sense.
  3. It is a 1977 model so yes you are right but should there be a return spring attached to the lever under the floor and if so where does it attach to on the underside of the bus, half of the bus floor has been replaced and I wondered if originally there would have been a bracket to attach a spring to AA2C70CE-E7FA-4ED4-B255-9AEC3802B13E.jpeg
  4. I’m no expert on the very late bays but I don’t think any of the cab throtttle pedal linkages (whatever year) had an underfloor spring as stock.

    There is a spring in the pedal assembley where it pivots on its mounting bracket.

    Many people (especially with twin carbs) put a spring/s on the carb end to give the throttle a more positive return and a nicer feel.

    The benefit of a spring at the carb end means the carbs are positively pulled shut when the pedal is released.

    I don’t think an underfloor spring at the pedal end would have the same effect.

    I think your free to fit and modify anything you need to get it to work nicely.

  5. Thanks I’ll look at doing that
  6. It works

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  7. somewhere in this thread I popped a piccie up of the buttys bits spring on the pedal end of the set up, looks quite a long one but it will work well (else Butty wouldnt sell it as part of the kit)
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  8. Agreed - All the stuff that Simon makes is of good quality and works as intended.

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  9. Buttys spring underneath transformed my pedal response....the one on the actual pedal assembly in the cab doesn't do much.
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  10. I’ll have a look at butty’s see what he has to offer
  11. Buttys only does a couple of bits for 1976 on bay. Can I share another problem. I can’t understand the sliding door lock when I pus the outside Handel down the locking latch moves backwards but the actual latch that stops the door from opening doesn’t move , am I missing something . EC14114E-7031-4F85-8407-EEBB227F1935.jpeg 80C7BD62-14C2-4891-8466-5C9A843AFF18.jpeg EBF798C7-9B02-4594-8685-B9B538798091.jpeg EC14114E-7031-4F85-8407-EEBB227F1935.jpeg
  12. PIE


    I take a lot of tools when I go away but thats another level.!!!
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  14. The later linkages don't have a spring under the floor. They just relay on the throttle spring on the carb pulling the cable back. If everything's in good shape, the later arrangement works pretty well, which is presumably why Betty's Butt don't do bits for them.

    Worth changing the carb spring if yours is getting a bit tired, or adding a spring at the back if you've got twin carbs. If you've got a CSP centremount linkage, worth getting the additional coil spring that goes under it.

    Your cable end looks odd, BTW. The accelerator cable should just hook into the lever.
  15. The latch at the back will lock shut when the door is fully home. Its a proper double latch.
    It will release if under pressure and the front handle is pulled down which pulls on the wire.
    In your picture the latch is shown fully open.
    Try pushing it closed with a screwdriver towards the outside of the bus. It should click once or twice and latch with the slot pointing more outwards.

    If the lock is crusty with old grease and dirt it may not work well and may just need a good soaking in solvent then a re lubricate.

    Also if the striker plate is in the wrong place the door may not be able to close far enough for the latch to work. It can be adjusted.

    Bring it to techenders where experts like @davidoft will stare sternly at it and it will start working ...
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  16. I brought one cable listed for my year of van but it wasn’t long enough so I got a universal one don’t know if it was because I fitted twin carbs
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  17. thanks I will try doing that I was a scared to push the door properly in case I couldn’t get it open
  18. Might need a longer one with twins. The EMPI one - yes! - is quite good.
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