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  1. coming to the end of a camper restoration I,m in Mansfield Nottinghamshire,anyone know of someone with knowledge of late bays willing to help .
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    What do you need help with?
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  3. Have you tried midlands Aircooled collective? They used to have a fb page with lots of local folk on there :)
  4. This works for a Beatle but maybe not a bus....
  5. @David a

    Im down the road in Kirkby, what sort of help do you need?
  6. He wants you to go and finish it for him!!!!!;)
  7. :eek:

    Ive got enough bags of nuts and bolts of my own to contend with :lol:
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  8. It’s more advanced than the photo.ive fitted adjustable suspension front and rear, gear box and engine both rebuilt and fitted ,twin carbs fitted new wiring loom windows in seats in , I brought the van many years ago as a shell and have been rebuilding it since, it probably should have been scrapped lol it’s the only camper I’ve worked on and could do with someone with some knowledge to help getting it running fault finding etc if I don’t Finnish it this year a divorce is on the cards
  9. Sounds like your mechanically minded as you have mentioned lots of parts have been fitted.

    Have you got a list of things which you could post up here so we can get started by answering & offering advice?
    the guys on here can answer most things as a lot of restoration have been posted up. There is a huge amount of knowledge here, ask away!

    I don't mind popping over and having a look/chat with you, no problem.

    Let us know your thoughts
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  11. More recent pics 432C78B5-525A-425F-A12B-5DE25F0BB519.jpeg 7CFC545E-5908-48F4-A80C-CB153EEF97D6.jpeg FEBDD3AF-E8A9-45B3-9383-705BD0CCFADD.jpeg DB4E6AA7-080E-4808-BF31-973FFC1AB8DC.jpeg
  12. Looks like its almost complete, the upholstery looks nice :)
  13. when I first started the engine there was a leak from in the fan housing dropped the engine checked everything couldn’t find anything wrong so expecting it might leak again , where the accelerator cable goes into the accelerator pedal under the floor of the cab there is a tab of metal with a hole in it that looks as if it might have a return spring fitted but I’m not sure, the workshop manuals seem to cover so many models and this van was stripped before I brought it so have no reference points I’m working blind
  14. Done by trim Jim I’ve fitted swivel bases too ,you based in new houses just up from level crossing at Sutton junction I’m a driving instructor and go round there many times seen a camper parked in front of a house there
  15. Would be great to have a chat with someone with some knowledge of these vans spent many hours on him, stripped him to bare metal by hand lol I must be mad never even drove one
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  16. is it a type 1 or a type 4 motor, for a starter.

    Im certain that the tab does indeed have a spring connected to it, it certainly would benefit you to pop one on, our '73 has one for good measure.
  17. Ive heard good reviews on Trim Jim, a mate has used him in the past & said he's good.

    That's not us near Sutton junction, not sure who owns that one, if its a sign written panel van Ive seen it around a few times.

    I done mind meeting up and giving you some pointers, that's no problem, this week is a bit pushed as Ive got a couple of late finishes at work I cant get out of but next week is okay I can come off the M1 at J29 and drop by Mansfield
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  18. That would be great can’t work out where the spring connects too on the van floor
  19. Here is one way (I thought I had a couple of pics when we did ours, I couldn't find any)


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