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  1. I’ll have a look thanks
  2. You need a steering wheel.;)

    I hope that helps.:)
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  3. You need to give us a list of what you need help with.

    I hope that helps.
  4. Got one just needs fitting lol
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  5. We’ve made some progress. You need help fitting the steering wheel, what else?

    Do all the electrics work? Light, wipers etc?

    You said there is a leak from the fan housing, is this a type 4 engine?
  6. It’s the 1600 aircooled engine I had it rebuilt by Mansfield engines fitted twin carbs fitted and got it running but oil leaked from inside fan housing. Dummy went out of pray and garage door locked for a while, finally went back in garage dropped engine removed fan housing checked oil cooler seals and refitted haven’t tried to restart engine yet scared to find still leaking as I couldn’t find the cause of the leak in the first place E1F5A6B2-0BE9-43F3-928D-BE012943573F.jpeg
  7. Has had a new wiring loom fitted by auto electrician so wiring mostly ok
  8. In time you'll need those carbs setting up, balancing, rolling road tuning and the man for that is Peter Burgess down Meadow Lane, Alfreton.

    His assistant, Keith will do the job with him, it will run spot on afterwards!
  9. The van didn’t have a servo originally so I’ve fitted a servo and not sure how to adjust the shaft that goes to the brake pedal , the van was a non runner when I brought it just a shell really had a gearbox but no engine , the engine came out of a 1600 beetle, numbers on engine casing says it was supplied with oil says bored out to a bigger size than standard so I hope not too many problems with over heating
  10. there original dell or to ones with manifolds and hex linkage cost a bomb but mrs hasn’t found out yet lol. But yes I want them setting up properly just wanted a bit more power to get up hills
  11. Most of the work I’ve done is by looking on internet and manuals so I’m sure that someone with knowledge will find the mistakes I’ve made. The accelerator pedal linkage that came with the van is different to ones I’ve seen on net so just did what I thought was right, the shaft that goes from the pedal to the accelerator cable runs inside the cab and not under the floor,is that normal ?
  12. Pete and Keith will sort this, you should have the spec of the motor from Mansfield engines for them to work with, they will probably ask what jets the carbs have fitted too.
  13. @scrooge95

    Sarah, I seem to recall (when you fitted the buttys bits at Techenders) your accelerator shaft ran along the cab floor, I don't suppose you have any pics, would you?
  14. Yes, it's 'above ground' as it were. Hang on, I'll get a picture.....
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  15. Ah the joy of having Clem back on the driveway again, blimey it’s a bit nippy out there tonight though.
    Any how, hope this helps.....
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  16. Thanks Sarah, that should help @David a out for starters!
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  17. image.jpg
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  18. Similar but goes other side of steering wheel shaft
  19. thanks for help
  20. I think that’s a 1977 and on, RHD throttle linkage in your bus.

    There should be corresponding holes in the floor to bolt it to.

    The one in Scrooge’s pic is up to 1976 RHD throttle linkage.

    Does that help at all ?

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