Help!! Petrol leak....

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by .CK., Jul 19, 2019.

  1. NOOOO!!!
  2. Yep, good idea, will do this. Thanks to you lot I know which to get
  3. It’s shaken me up a bit...a sky tv chap was fixing the neighbour’s dish 2 weeks ago and said he’d had to pull a t2 over because it was on fire....
  4. I did yes, was down lying on the floor with him (after he’d towed it so I could look under the leak side!) :p I watched him tighten pump screws and he showed me where the line went from and to.
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  5. Might be worth investing in an automatic fire extinguisher fitted into the engine bay.
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  6. Merlin Cat

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    Nice one. Did he tell you that you were lucky, or had the petrol all ran out by then so he didn’t see the cascade! :)
  7. Replace all lines before you do that 100 miles, assume all fuel lines are perished, which they will be. Common sense.
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  8. Don’t think he realised until I showed him about 15l of petrol I’d caught! On the plus side, going off what the gauge read before the down pour there’s more in the tank than it says!!
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  9. Not much use though when the fuel leak is outside the engine compartment, hand held would be better.
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  10. Agreed, you need both.

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