Help!! Petrol leak....

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  1. I’m on my own so I’m in a bit of a pickle.
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  2. Well with that much fuel yellow snowing out I would suggest it will be obvious where the leak is... get under for a proper look... wear goggles.... do not smoke!
  3. It was just under 1/4 full, I’m on third small washing up bowl transferring into a trug! Hope my neighbours don’t throw a fag end over the fence!
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  4. You mean you wouldn't check for the leak with a match if no torch was available?
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  5. Any tlb angels nearby to help her?
  6. #leicester :thumbsup:
    I’m going to call the aa and see if they’ll do anything. Even if I manage to move it and source the problem, one air cooled engine workshop hasn't given me the confidence to fix it!
  7. But if you are handy with spanners / screwdrivers and patient, do a bit at a time and post the pictures on here..Im sure enough useful posts will assist!

    First off, narrow the leak down and isolate it!
  8. 3AECD04D-DAF3-43D8-8AD5-EBFEC65ABEF8.jpeg 3AECD04D-DAF3-43D8-8AD5-EBFEC65ABEF8.jpeg BBBC7B06-7E31-4D11-B9E9-E5BB3C7F38D6.jpeg
    I just can’t get close enough and my goggles have broken :(
    Is that black dangly bit the fuel pipe?!

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  9. Fuel pipe is a black rubber hose about 10mm in diameter, pics not brilliant.
    Edit : I looked again... it does look like a braided fuel line, there lies your problem, find where it's come off from & pop it back on, but will need a fuel hose clip to secure it!
  10. in that pic it looks like a piece of fuel pipe is hanging down? if you slide underneath you should be able to see where it should go.. just needs a fuel hose clamp to refit provided the hose itself is still in good condition (ie no holes/ splits etc). the clamp just tightens with a screwdriver so no special skills needed.
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  11. Which side do you fill up on? The side that is tight to the fence?
  12. Thanks everyone, fingers crossed I can manage it myself then. It’s finally stopped now so I can try and have a proper look without being splashed!
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  13. Yep
  14. Bit of luck that!! :rolleyes: You might just have to brave it & get under to stop that leak. In the past I have put my finger over where it is pouring out of to get a closer look, but beware of petrol in the eye or mouth...... we've all done it!
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  15. post pics if you are not sure... we want to see your fuel pump in close up if possible.... ding dong!
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  16. when the fuel has stopped dripping etc, give everything a good wipe down & clean up, you'll be able to see what needs sorting better and, as they say, cleanliness is king!
  17. Dubs

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    If your engine bay is petrol free, I'd be inclined to disconnect the main battery first, just to eliminate spark risk if you are going to be fumbling around near the starter. :thumbsup:
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  18. +1 for the fuel line to the pump, but harder to see on my phone.
  19. WP_20190719_14_02_44_Pro.jpg Be aware that there are three nozzles on a type 4 pump. Isn't one meant to be a breather or something? Here's my old pump for reference. Could be the pump itself is leaking?

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