Help!! Petrol leak....

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by .CK., Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Hi, just got home after a long journey and could smell petrol for the last 5 miles or so. Had a look underneath and it was dripping out quite happily! Advice on what to do next would be good, will check if AA will come to me at home as it’s not where I keep the van.
    Will try and post video....
  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Doubt you need the AA.
    Where is it leaking from?
  3. 645C5A8F-3309-4FB9-98A2-A2F7511F6091.jpeg
  4. Fuel hose split or come undone from filter? Any run down from carb area?
  5. No it seems quite isolated to the right. Can’t see any dripping from carb
  6. Jack up the right hand side to make the fuel filler inlet of the fuel tank higher.
    Fuel tank filler hose ?
  7. Dubs

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    Standard fuel pump? Looks like it’s either the hose split between the tank and the pump, or the pump itself. Your going to have to crawl under the van and look up.
  8. Get under with a torch, the fuel line come from the bottom of the tank & goes that way usually via a fuel filter then onward through the front tinware look there
  9. Might be a daft question but can I start it? I’ve parked flush up to a wall on the right!!
  10. I would push that mate!
  11. N
    ot sure what pump it has, it’s a t4 2l
  12. NO!!!
  13. Merlin Cat

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    I wouldn’t start it but I’m a wuss. Can you roll it back?

    When underneath wear goggles if poss As petrol in your eyes hurts, I know by first hand experience:(
  14. When you say isolated to the right are you looking from the back?
  15. Dubs

    Dubs Sponsor

    Can you get a hand to push it? Don’t try and start it as the starter wiring is close to where that looks to be leaking.
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  16. :pWas just checking!
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  17. Merlin Cat

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    Ps that looks quite a big leak to me. Have you got much in the tank?
  18. Yes.
  19. Don't worry it must be empty by now ;)
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