Engine Teardown of Razzyh 2056 Type 4 engine

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Patrick Nguyen, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. More importantly have you bolted it in started up yet Patrick
  2. you probably have gaskets as you should have. Count yourself lucky.
  3. 20180313_114343.jpg 20180313_114348.jpg 20180313_120248.jpg 20180313_120555.jpg 20180313_122227.jpg 20180313_122907.jpg 20180313_132031.jpg 20180313_150310.jpg Had a day removing all the tappets and found swarf inside and all over them. Some of the tappets were miles out of adjustment. One exhaust tappet was stuck and three of them had bent retaining clips.

    The builder must not have cleaned his oil galleries after machining as the filter should have stopped all this swarf before it got to the tappets.

    There is a dodgy head bolt I would not be too happy about as it is not fully threaded into the case. However I checked the torque to 23 ft lb and they were fine.

    I haven't got round to fitting the carbs and starter.

    The engine turns smoothly. The endfloat was not set right when I picked it up. There was very visible movement of probably .4 to.5 of a mm.

    Also not impressed that new nuts were not used on the 13mm case bolts as many look very rounded and rusty.

    Also spring washers were not used to hold the rockers in place, although I do not know how critical this is.

    The builder fitted the engine so I would have expected him to have dumped the oil after breaking in the cam. But it is clear this probably never happened.

    The pushrod tubes were badly inserted tearing the O rings and too much sealant which is not necessary. I am against silicon sealant as I think as long as you clean the mating surfaces well there are never oil leaks on a type 4.

    I have changed the pushrod tubes as they were caked in dried sealant.

    I cleaned the tappets in the rocker cover with brake cleaner. The swarf and crap is from just 2 tappets.

    The engine must have been running very rich to compensate for the long manifold, so the oil was very black. I am almost convinced the oil filter must have been on bypass with all the crap in this engine, hence how there is so much swarf. It is all alloy from the looks of it.

    Even though these are new heads I would have cleaned them before installation as they are full of casting sand and swarf.
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  4. Who built this?
  5. I suspect a lot of that swarf is new as I Definitely change the Oil a couple of times at least.
  6. I will state my dangly bits on the problem being a soft cam. This has caused the the swarf which is preventing the lifters from pumping up and they've gone soft which is why it appears that they are out of adjustment. If they are really soft it gives the impression that the gaps are too high. Did you check the oil pressure as this too can contribute to lifter issues.
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  7. I'm sceptical of some of the rolling road figures we obtained from Peter Burgess being honest.

    The type 4 (1915) we have in Gusbus supposedly gives 96 bhp at the flywheel and 123 ft lbs of torque to match.

    That's nothing special, spec is

    96 x 66 pistons and barrels
    weight matched con rods to within 0.1g of one another
    con rod assembled to pistons to get the closest possible match length wise and matched in pairs (As per Wilson)
    notched con rods as per the VW bulletin
    228mm flywheel
    34 ICT carbys
  8. Sounds highly likely as visually think the adjusters are quite far in and I only go 1.5 turns from zero lash.

    I'll have to take the whole case apart and then probably convert it back to 94mm barrels as not too keen on thin walled barrels for longevity.
  9. The cam is by Webcam so I would assume that is a manufacturer of quality.
  10. @MorkC68 What cam did you use Mark?
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  11. The best you can get. The followers are the problem quality wise.

  12. that made me laugh........
    the noise on the video reminded me when my 1600 gave up on me.........the cam was being forced into the engine case as the bearing thrust face had failed, when the engine stopped the pressure on the cam eased but it gave a few clunks as it went towards the oil pump....
  13. I can vouch for Peter Burgess and his right hand man, who is a big VW fan. Last time I visited he had across over and an prototype.
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  14. I'm not sure, Big Rich at CoolAir spec'd it to suite the 1915 with the carbs. Could be a Webcam, it could be stock, it came with no information either :(
  15. The crossdresser is Keith's sons, he lives in South Normo - Keith drives a splitty :D
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    Looks like Lvh engines!
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  19. 20180314_115004.jpg Hmm... wondering what can give off this much swarf. I guess Ray only dumped the oil and not the strainer as going to be terribly worried if you had! Was missing one of the fibre gaskets to the strainer.

    Found rubber O ring in swarf and half a washer in the sump plate.
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    Mains or big end I suspect, could be the cam, what’s it made of alloy or steel ?

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