Engine Teardown of Razzyh 2056 Type 4 engine

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Patrick Nguyen, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Going to be tearing down this engine, but thought I'd let the experts give their opinion on what could be the problem.

    Is the link to youtube. I'll be starting with a cold leakdown test first and popping the engine in the van complete as I am convinced there is no major damage to the internals if it is idling OK.

    Tappets are hydraulic and cam is very mild at only 255 duration.

    I do not have that single progressive so I will be bolting on a set of Solex PDSIT.

    From the sounds of it it almost sounds as though the tappets have either failed or the choke was not releasing preventing it from revving up.

    Let me know your opinions and I'll keep you updated with my progress today.
  2. Have fun. My money is on an issue with followers/pushrods/tappets....
  3. Sounds like the hydraulic tappets aren't pumping up:thinking:
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  4. I’m no expert , but my monies on tappet’s .There’s no knockin ‘

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  5. Watching with interest
  6. I’m convince oil pump is insufficient.

    Looking forward to you getting it running, take it for a good 30 min drive if it lasts that long and see how it goes or don’t
  7. Another point. Keep an eye on oil temps if you can.
  8. I know someone who will be watching this thread ;)
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  9. @davidoft? Or @PeaSoup?
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  11. does it make any noises when the engine is turn off or just when its trying to rev up.my guess worn out cam lobe or tappet rattling under load.......
  12. how much lift is each valve getting?

    I wonder if a cam lobe is flattening off causing the lifter to be inefficient causing the noises, as Steve suggests above.

    Its certainly not a big end bearing noise they are deeper, clunkier noises
  13. What noise would you expect it to make? A sort of wheezing ‘thank you, I'm finished’ perhaps?:)
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  14. What has it been fitted with, standard type 4 pump or something else?
  15. I’m surprised the engine builder ;) fitted a hydraulic cam, they’re not particularly good at the best of times and good followers are very difficult to find. I’d replace it with a solid cam before running that engine much more. Cam, followers and pushrods required.
    That's^ lucky.
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  16. Modified type 1
  17. Once I put a decent dizzy on (123) and had it rolling roaded I NEVER had any issues with my progressive. It was spot on. Even made 100bhp with ^^^ that engine. Some hate them some don’t. Some bitch about based on hearsay.
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  18. 2056cc, 100bhp right? That’s 30bhp from an 85cc capacity increase (a standard 1971cc is about 70bhp), I’d be more than pleased with that – if I believed it. But when VW needed 28cc to make 1bhp you can see why I might be a little sceptical. Could you tell me the torque and at what revs? And what the valve sizes are?
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  19. No idea on valve sizes. Was rolling roaded by Peter Baldwin who is very well respected. I’m not sure why your so sceptical.

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