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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by burnzdog, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Have a look at the picture you took last week. You can just see the position of the boot.
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  2. So just finished and took it out. No good. Started off ok then quite early on started to get a grinding noise.

    Being that I changed it I wasn't totally convinced by the joint I got from brickworks. Although it does sound like its coming front the side I haven't changed yet. Not sure how I can tell.

    When I forced the wait on to the left side (one that was changed) it seemed to go quieter. Made me think its the right side, by why would that suddenly start making a noise?!

    I could just put the old one back on just to be sure it's not the one I just replaced.

    Oh joy!
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  3. No idea what you've done or what's happened but feel for you bud.
    These vans can put up quite a fight!
    As I offered right at the beginning, pm me your number and we can comm via whatsapp or talk, if you wish.
    If you bought good quality GKN/Lobro from Brickwerks there shouldnt be an issue although just coz its new dont mean its right!
    I thought you said you were reusing anyway. #confused...
    I'm not always signed in to the forum so if you really need help and advice, which is time consuming on the mobile, then send your details
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  4. It was probably both sides failing, or you were misled by the sounding box of the bus into thinking the fault was on the other side.

    Basically because they ought to all wear out at about the same rate, I just did both joints both sides at the same time, when I did the replacement and dissected the old ones they all looked equally horrible, the one making noises was little different from the rest.
  5. Both front inner boots had split Mike, resulting in MOT failure. That's the reason for undertaking the job.
    The noises are subsequent to putting one side back together apparently.
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