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  1. I SAID,

    Sorry, someone had to do it.
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  2. Proper made me laugh that one.
    The old ones are always the best!:thumbsup:
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  3. Welcome along :)
    Think you’ll find the louvered window in your sliding door is an addition. Westfalia I believe. The Devon one should be opposite from what I know?
    Sure you’ll find everything you need on here, some very helpful people and a great forum for parts too :)
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  4. Ahhh now i get it was a bit slow as its prounounced loo da a combination of louise and david haha
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  5. Sorry, couldn't help myself. We say it every time Niki Lauda comes on the telly.
    Welcome aboard.
  6. It was a good one just glad you didn't look up louda in the urban dictionary haha
  7. I just have:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  8. I knew someone would it is also our buisness name and we didn't realise until after the name was registered with company house. Makes for a good laugh though
  9. It took longer than I thought with work commitments and Xmas but workshop finally done and Cuthbert nice and dry. 20171218_143441.jpg
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  10. Hopefully have enough space 20171218_143502-1612x1209.jpg 20171218_143452-1209x1612.jpg
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  11. First job I chose was to remove doors, engine lid, tail gate and engine and turned out to be all I had time for before going back off shore. It was relatively simple with the doors and lid coming off quickly, did have to drill out 3 bolts on drivers door due to rounded off Allen head bolts. The engine wasn't too bad either once I got the rear end high enough. All the bolts came out easily which was a nice surrise apart from one cv bolt which I ended up cutting the head off. Wish all cars where this easy to work on. 20171219_114014-1612x1209.jpg 20171221_123701-1612x1209.jpg 20171221_123646-1612x1209.jpg
  12. Think I should probably have this in the restoration thread is there any way to move it over ?
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  14. Which part of Fife Louda are you from ?
  15. Cupar

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