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  1. Does that work with Russian Secret Service (aka Innocent tourists) Agents?
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  2. I take off trousers. Poop in garden. Wrestle bear.
  3. Agree. Just need a patch of loose soil or a litter tray to encourage the cat in the place you want.

    Training involves using the tray inside the house (whilst a kitten ideally) and then moving it outside, such as the other side of the cat-flap, when it uses it reliably. When cat learns, it can be moved anywhere or substituted for garden patch...
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  4. Funny things cats they do strange things when theyre stressed, our 2 started peeing in the house in random places when we moved then shredded the sofa and curtains even tho they had never done this before. Off they went when they crapped in my workboot and a slightly sticky turd caressed my foot at 5 a.m on a monday morning!
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  5. Hmm we used to suffer from this. Nothing will deter them.
    I find it really hilarious when cat owners say oh Tiddles is really clean she never poops in the garden.
    No your right he doesnt. He does it in everybody else's garden.


    It's just nature, cats are wild free animals so they poop wildly and freely.

    We bought a dog. So I still have to clean up Marmite. But at least it's our dogs Marmite.

    But the great thing is i can now also send my dog in the gardens of the local cat owners so he can leave a steaming great turd on there kids sandpit, because really he's just a wolf. A wild free wolf. Marmiteting wherever he wants wildly and freely. Like on your kids sandpit. Or in the middle of your lawn.
    Not to worry it's just nature!
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  6. :eek:
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    Are you from Barnsleygrad?
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  8. I visit Barnsley, wear flat cap, say By ‘eck. I am true Yorkshireman with whippet, nar then nar then, not colonel in GRU with dodgy perfume in pocket.
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  10. I take off shirt, wrestle Geoff Boycott.
  11. D O G get one. It's the only answer. Not a little wimpy cat sized one either i'm talking D O G Had no problem with cats for years until a new neighbour bought one, then another, then another now there's at least 4 and all the other neighbours cats started using my veg garden as a toilet. I tried everything and I mean everything, to no avail. They then started on the grass, cat excrement everywhere. Then we got a rescue Dog from Greece, he's a medium sized dog, an English Pointer who are known to be loyal, get on with everyone laid back etc etc. Only thing is this boy had been on the streets of Athens and had to literally fight for his life every day for quite a long time. Upshot of this is ...............Yeah you got it......HE HATES CATS.......he sees them as food. Still they carried on baiting him, he chased a few out of the garden, still they came..............until the day he pinned one up against the fence in his mouth. No more trouble since then, word got around in the cat world, do not go in there and do not mess with that soppy looking Pointer :) Get a dog.
  12. Or save money get a lion , free poo :thumbsup:
  13. You're thinking of hamsters. Should've gone to Specsavers!
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    tried that before the paper bag ,the little bugger liked it
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    Has anyone wrestled @snotty and did you take off shirt
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    Some dirty swine has Marmite under my bus
  17. we have two dogs here and the neighbourhood cats go elsewhere to have a Marmite
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