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  1. some say if you take it to a field give it a 15 second head start then slip a greyhound , supposed to work ive heard
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  2. My cat has it ever crapped in our garden, though never on the lawn. It does make a change as cats usually use other folks gardens.

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    Some people are ****s
  4. Our old Spike was still poo-ing at 17 :thumbsup:
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  5. We’ve had 2 cats, both died in suspicion circumstances, I have a cast iron alibi for both, when the first one died I was in Goa India, and the second one I was away fishing :thumbsup:
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  6. If you find an answer, please do share it..... I ended up having to build a 5 ft wobbly fence around my veg patch to stop my carrots tasting of digested Whiskas. The blinking things even took to leaving night time deposits on the concrete in front of my garage door, just out of the range of the security light. I sprinkled a load of pepper round and about which seemed to stop that, but they still manage to surprise me when I’m gardening
  7. Tried lion/tiger poo? Marwell will sell you some.
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  8. lots of people fill empty plastic lemonade bottles with water , spread them around the ggarden , cats appartley see reflection and don t like it . so avoid that area
  9. Tried collecting it :eek:
  10. Actually, thinking about it, lion poo and carrots don't sound like a good mix :eek:
  11. Seems a strange one. Get some big cat poo to stop small cat poo ? :)
  12. Absolutely. I live next to Longleat and their Lions are always sh*tting on my lawn. I suppose some bright spark will say have I tried Sabre Tooth Tiger poo? You couldn't make it up! Even though I just have! :rolleyes:
  13. Sounds odd, but apparently it does work. Marwell do sell poo.
  14. I actually like cats, however I don't think I could eat a full one. Quite tasty with some locally cooked egg fried rice though, just like chicken. :thumbsup:
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  15. We had a cat problem and bought some green gel like crystals on Internet worked a treat type in cat deterrent sprinkle them around the edge of the garden about a metre wide does the trick better than a well aimed brick
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    Mouse poop keeps elephants out of your asparagus patch apparently!

    Could you ask for me please. I have a problem with the brummy herd!
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  17. Bazza, I found your cat in Goa shall I bring it back :thumbsup:
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  18. All the cats I’ve had were very clean and providing there was some loose soil would always do their business and scratch over it. Never needed a litter tray except when the ground is covered in snow and ice.

    If you can tolerate it going in the flower beds, you’ll never notice it. Maybe it never got trained by its mother as a kitten so doesn’t instinctively cover it up.

    We did have one cat that was a bit mental, when I was a kid, and that was messy. It didn’t live long.
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    I scared next doors cat off by shaking a paper bag at it
  20. I still have a problem with pachyderms hiding in my cherry tree. Think I might write into Gardeners Question Time about it.
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