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  1. You’re not mixing this up with sleep, cliff, marry are you?
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  2. Baysearcher

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    IF we leave and make a go of it; they’ll all do exactly the same as we have.
  3. its ted

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    At least she tried
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  4. It was a mess when we joined the EU and divided the country and caused a lot of unrest. Now we are leaving, its the same old stuff over again. As for the exit deal, well the perfect deal for all sides does not exist and a compromise has to be reached.

    This Brexit nonsense has shown us what an absolute shower our MP's are and totally incapable of working together as a team to resolve their differences. If Parliament was a business it would have gone bust years ago with that lot running it.

    They spend our money like water and waste most of it on bad projects and poor decision making and then vote themselves a big pay rise as a reward.

    I feel UK politics has reached an all time low and the constant Brexit mess and carryings on will turn ordinary folks off politics and voting altogether.
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    Here here
  6. I love brexit. Can’t wait. I’d like to vote to leave the EU everyday. What a joy it was to put my tick in the feck off europe and stop telling me what to do box. Roll on March 29th.

    As long as these treasonous MPs don’t manage to stop it, at 12 o’clock on the 29th I will go out in the street and do a little dance. Probably with a beer in my hand.
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  7. I didn't think you liked modern things just old antiquated stuff, imperial measurements should be right up your street.
  8. 500 out of 650 MP's want to remain. That's the problem.
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  9. Ohh Wilf you’re such a Tart at times :rolleyes:
  10. I would rather have a European dictatorship than our home grown "merchant bankers"..

    Please can they get one thing done at all. Leave or not leave . JUST DO IT.
  11. Jesus! Don't let @Barry Haynes see that picture!
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    Boris has been active today, step up to the mark
  13. ding dong
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    You know she's lost her voice after shouting at all those euro types
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  15. Just been reading the temporary import duties that will be applied in the event of a ‘no deal’

    I’m a happy camper today.

    No import duties for my existing contracts! :)
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  17. you could make a fortune doing this out side the houses of parliament
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  18. ron


    In 1966 the world was minutes away from a nuclear holocaust that would wipe out humanity and in 1999 a minute away from 2000 the world was going to end in a catastrophic way as all computors were going to crash - am i bothered about how brexit ends ? No
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