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  1. I think the MPs will rule out a No Deal Brexit and then we will be off cap in hand begging the EU for an extension for which they will hold us to ransom ... its a long way from being over folks.
  2. So imports become cheaper and our trade deficit gets even bigger. Notice Hammond said nothing about the EU raising their import duties on our exports.....

    No wonder he's named after an organ.....the p****
  3. Is it sorted yet. ..?
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  4. He's saving his money to pay the additional sums that the MPs have just signed us up to by of extension fees ... if of course the EU even allow an extension ... brewery yellow snow up comes to mind
  5. Poor David still hiding in the broom cupboard >.....
    Is it over yet!:D
  6. They didn’t have anywhere near this trouble with other unions ......................... swat happens when they arnt the boss huh :rolleyes: kayoss :rolleyes:
  7. our so called government love spending our money on damn fool projects, so chucking more away on any eu penalties won't bother them in the slightest and if money is tight they can always borrow more and make more cut backs. those MP's don't care, they're all right with their fat salaries and expenses and business interests and property ownership, they don't care about us and they never will.
  8. I’m beginning to think that because it was implied that the ‘older generation’ are the majority of alleged uneducated morons that voted to leave the EU, the government has decided to drag their feet as long as they can in the hope that should they find an acceptable excuse to call for a 2nd referendum a fair few of the ‘older generation’ will have passed away and the easily influenced ‘younger generation (whom watch the Biased Brodcasting Company), will provide the result the MP’s themselves really want.
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    Surely it's only old folk who still watch and believe the brexit broadcasting company... young folk tend to just watch streaming services.
  10. Yes the fat cat mps award themselves inflation busting salaries, expenses plus expense credit cards, pay their families to be their employees to name but a few, then scream austerity to the rest of us, who put them where they are in the first place. A fact that they easily and conveniently forget.

    We the common folk, with fingers to the bone, cutting back etc to stretch the meagre pennies further, whilst they lord it up over us.

    We need a tripartite system, but better still put important decisions back to the electorate, rather than pumping around in their own bluff and self importance, snoozing in the commons or worse in the lords. Pompous farts the lot of them..
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    This sums it up pretty well...

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  12. Has anyone blamed brexit today?
  13. naw couldnt be bothered
  14. I think it’s taking a lot of time and money
    These politicians should be spending their time running the country
    haw-he -haw —-nowwn:)
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  15. He ha he ha he ha running the country ha ha f n ha ha de ha ha
  16. I didn’t vote um in .........nowwn :D
  17. Vote um out I say :D
  18. Of couse the politicians dont actually run the country. The civil service runs the country. For instance Belgium managed 18 months without a government.
    Fortunately we still have a monarch with the power to bang peoples heads together to form governments .
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    A less accountable, less talented, mired in PC before and above anything else, an organisation you could not find.
  20. When explaining it to my 10 year old, he wanted to know why they didn't have a plan before voting to stay or leave, I didn't have an answer.:(
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