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  1. Just had a quick look and unfortunately I can't find it, I suspect it's either been deleted or lost in one of the crashes. It all started about 5 years ago when a young Scottish lad named Darren McCrae innocently posted asking for help getting his bus running and the whole thing just took off. I think everyone on here put their two penn'arth in, the post count went well over 1000 posts, and ended up with a South African living in Scandinavia trying to fix an engine in Northern Scotland via Skype!:D
    On a serious note it showed all that's best about TLB- it was a combination of useful advice, gentle p*** taking, people going out their way to help a fellow owner and tears running down the face humour.
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  2. I
    I don't think I could have put it any better myself :-D
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  3. Poptop2

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    I remember it, but wasn't involved I don't think. I do remember some big posters getting on his case though!
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  6. I had to down tools at work today to read it absolutely p@$%ed myself:D Looks like that Chiller repair will have to wait till monday now :thumbsup:
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  7. Me too, just got to page 5 and it's hotting up.

    I'll have to get back to my chores. I'll save it for later when its beer o'clock. No spoilers, please.
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  8. As I recall, Darren was only a young lad, but didn’t seem to listen to any advice folk gave him.
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  9. Merlin Cat

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    Indeed. It was v funny as it kept resurfacing:)
  10. I was involved in thread of the century & bloody loved it! Funniest thing ever! Darren (Colin) in my view is a Legend!
    I hope he is keeping well!
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  11. Is that fidden Fm campsite ..BF ?
  12. Baysearcher

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    I just skimmed through it.
    It was much funnier at the time!
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  13. Merlin Cat

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    I think he sold the van some time later and announced it on here, with a good sense of humour :)
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  14. Yeah I remember, he moved to Northern Ireland then came back on here for a spell under a different user name......he was a happier chappy at that point.
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  16. It was a good thread but not a patch on, he who must not be named
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  17. Bloody Yoofs
  18. Voldermort??
  19. Yes, it feels like camping at the very end of the known universe.
    Check out the toilet block, which really is tied down against the wind!


    Amazingly, these plastic boxes contain proper, flushing ceramic bogs.
    And there's another stone built toilet block with showers as well.

    A superb place to camp, assuming that you get the right weather.
    And just 30 miles or two hours away from the ferry port along single track roads.

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