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  1. We were there in our bay 2 years back this time of the year ....and it was good hot weather too .
    There is a nice one on the top side of Tobermory we stopped at .

    Left Tobermory onto the Kilchoan on the Ardnamurchan peninsular then to Mallaig .
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  2. A completely unrelated story which I didn't know where to post.

    Have you seen this little lot?
    Scroll down to the 16th May update, where 11 cars cruising across Germany are seized/confiscated by the police.
    The comments are superb.
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  3. Following this.

    here is the lads instagram account: https://instagram.com/joshwaa___/
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  4. Most amusing.
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  5. [​IMG]



    Which translates roughly as;

    POL-K: 190523-4-K / BAB / REK Ten tuned cars secured at rest area - experts confirm traffic insecurity and stop cars

    Cologne (ots)

    Addendum to the press release number 2 of 17 May

    The Cologne police have presented on Thursday night (16 May) at the rest area Frechen-South on the A4 seized cars of ten British (20 to 31 years) experts. On all ten tuned vehicles, the experts found deficiencies that lead to traffic insecurity. The Road Traffic Office ordered the immediate decommissioning. Thus, the cars in Germany may no longer be driven on public roads. Before the release of the vehicles, police will charge a security deposit of around 900 euros per car. The Road Traffic Office sends the registration plates and vehicle documents to the registration offices in England.

    The experts stated in their report, among others, the following defects in the cars of the brands BMW, Honda, Seat, VW and Mercedes:

    - "Radbefestigung 2nd Axis right poor, danger of
    Loss of the wheel - wheels in connection with air suspension no
    Freedom from the mudguard - Tires: No clearance
    sufficient with impairment of driving safety front and rear
    - Spring 1st and 2nd axis left and right distance to body parts
    insufficient - front wishbone inadmissible - brake hose
    frayed - service brake system: minimum braking not reached
    - Engine leaking - High oil loss - Transmission leaking - Oil loss
    with drip - exhaust system changed - reversing light without
    Function - Silencer missing - Windscreen with cracking -
    Windscreen glued in the field of view - sill extension
    improperly mounted - additional spring 2nd axis left and right
    damaged - assignment wheel / tire not allowed - air filter /
    Use: design not allowed - coupling rod 1st axis left and
    broken right - Airbags missing - Horn without function - ... "
    The British have to return their traffic-safe vehicles to England on a car carrier. (Js)

    For questions from media representatives, please contact:

    Police Headquarters Cologne
    press office
    Walter Pauli Ring 2-6
    51103 Cologne


    Plates & documents sent to DVLA, hopefully the owners will also be dry bummed by the British plod as they disembark from the ferry.
  6. Surprising any of them passed an MOT in the UK...
  7. You can't leave it like that.... Darren McCrae i lived through... but this has got me guessing :-D
  8. Many of the faults listed, Bay owners can relate to !
  9. It was a chap called wizard a friend of @Poptop2 i think.

    It got all a bit nasty with all kinds of threats including eating your first born kind of stuff but I don’t think anyone knew why it kicked off in the first place but it was something silly.
    He was kicked off TLB and no one was allowed to talk about it.
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  10. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    He was a proper moron.

    Sort of bloke who could start an argument if he was the only person in the room.

    Careful what you say though; he'll get his Solis sulis solisiter lawyer on to you.
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  11. In light of that cheers for replying :-D Sounds like he was a bit of a keyboard warrior after a day on the juice! Cant comprehand why people get in such a state on forums and online posts, I come on here for banter and a bit of an escape, bless him.

    I shall never speak on this again :-D

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