Your best van accessory or gadget?

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  1. My Propex night heater, I hate the cold and sleeping in a cold camper is no fun. :)
  2. They work a treat for both hot and cold food or drinks and you can fit about 20 cans of beers.
  3. What's the shaped bit in the lid for?
  4. That is where the ladle should go
  5. But how do they know whether to keep stuff hot or cold?
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  6. It has a mega precise shift with little to no movement in the shifter and a very VERY short throw. Ok I guess if all your other parts haven't been worn out for the past 42 years. From it's rest position 1st is straight forwards, 2nd straight back. Or should be. I have to push left slightly to find first, as precise as about 3mm so it's hard to find first. Going up gears from first is super slick and fast but then coming down from 3rd or 4th to 2nd requires the same precision. There is zero adjustment in the shifter. It's the buses fault, not the shifter
  7. How much did you pay for yours mucka?
  8. I bought a grade "b" quality one for £35 its been used but its industrial build quaility.
    we took it to European bugin and the ice lasted well over 24h
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. My wife did a ton of research into waterproof bags before we bought one of these. We've driven through torrential rain with it strapped to the roof and not a drop got in. Top piece of kit.
  11. Get to B&M bargains! They've got some great camping stuff at the moment!

    I got a burner for £8.99 and a fold out camping chair which fits perfectly in the walkthrough for £2.99 - means you can have someone sat comfortably in the walkway boozing with you.

    Poundland also has BBQ's for £1 (obviously) so i stocked up
  12. From now on my bus will be protected by The Force. I have this to go on the dashboard. :D

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