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  1. As it came off the trailer today" warts in all" dusty ,missing bits and bobs, and in need of lots of tlc . But lots of potential I told the wife !!!
    To be fair all the suspension, brakes, steering etc has been sorted.
    It's in it's original paint but was painted in red oxide at some point and the po has removed most of it, I plan on keeping as much of the paint as is, although the inner cab has been painted inside. Any thoughts ?
  2. looks great :D
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  3. Thoughts. Look fab, but I would change the wheels.

    Other than that - great purchase!!!! :)

    Are you sure it isn't a ski lift?
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  4. Defo change the wheels at some point,unsure as yet what will fit over those calipers !
  5. Nice. With those brakes one does expect a large engine....
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  6. Apparently, but not etched in stone it's a fully rebuilt 2200 cc +
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  7. Engine bay ATTACH=full]48001[/ATTACH]

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  8. ok... ok... how much do you want for it ??? would really really like that :hattip:very nice
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  9. Thanks, It's going to be a labour of love to get it how I'd like it, so it's not about money really, it cost more than you'd think and will continue to do so , but life's short, so short... and I've just been diagnosed with a heart problem, so what the HELL !! :D
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  10. Well go for it... you deserve it.. I know how much they take once you start spending. My bay went for a quick spray job.... cost me 4 times as much as I'd budgeted..but like you say....what the hell... enjoy it buddy.. so you saying there's a t25 pick up for sale again ;)
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  11. I believe the single cab syncro is now sold ! but thanks for the good words..... yeah like a lot of people grafted like hell all my life and now hit with health problems . But you just crack on .
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  12. Do I get a prize for guessing right lol
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  13. Of course , cold beer ! Bound to bump into at some point .

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  14. Hopefully won't belong before my crewcab is on the road as well to join the elite club :)
  15. 2018 be a good year for all single , and crewies to meet up at a show or a meet of our own ?

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  16. There seems to be more of them popping up
  17. Flakey

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    I can say with confidence there'll only be me camping in the back of mine this weekend so you've got some catching up to do :cool:
  18. Thank goodness for that, I was having dilemma deja-vu over it!! :thinking::thinking:

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