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  1. Spotted the white single cab syncro for sale on here recently and thought that's perfect for running to work in the summer months. so I contacted the seller and arranged to go take a peek, told the wife I was popping over to the north east to look at it, (casual like ).
    Just over 2 hrs later I arrived, saw the syncro and was chuffed it looked just the job............but I was distracted from it by something more to my liking parked up in a shipping container, I asked the owner Michael if it was for sale ? He replied it was going to be used by them to replace the syncro that was for sale !
    By now I had lost interest in the lovely syncro and was intrigued by the other vehicle. Michael and I chatted for a while and finally a deal was struck for something I was hankering for,for some time.
    I arrived back home and the wife asked how it went ? "oh" really well didn't buy the syncro bought something else instead I replied, telling the wife what it was she said that's good you always wanted one....she didn't even ask the price !!!!
    Any way the vehicle in question is being delivered on Thursday, two weeks to the day I first saw it.... I'm now getting a little giddy , very giddy in fact ........and no I havn't got any pics :p
    :TTIWWP: :chewie:
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  2. I bet it's a princess vanderplas.

    So go on what is it ?

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  3. OOOh err :thinking: NO ! :p
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  4. Any hints? ;)

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  5. It's a VW.
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  6. THANKS.

    Trekker ?
    Splitty ?
    Kublewagon ?

    Air or water cooled ?

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  7. Air ...
  8. Beetle?
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  9. No !
  10. karmenn ghia conv!!!!
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  12. beach buggy!
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  13. with massive rear tyres
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  14. What you mean like huge tractor tyres ? no!
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  15. redoxide

    redoxide Guest

    23 window samba
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  16. Wasn't the crewcab was it?
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  17. I'm no good at cleaning windows ;)
  18. What crew cab ?
  19. Steve had his rat look crew cab up for sale, ive not been down in a while so he might have sold it
  20. What colour was it ?

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