Yorkshire Dales site, ideas?

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  1. All the above are great places to stay - however .....

    After spending many weekends in t`dales my favourite place has got to be `The crown` at Middlesmore.
    GREAT pub run by a real character who takes pride in good beer and good humour - you`ll feel at home as soon as you walk through the door !
    Camping is on a field behind the pub with a basic shower and toilet in a converted stable . ("we had to put the horse down so you lot can have
    a shower ...") :thumbsup:
    Off the beaten track but a spectacular location - malcolm is a bit careful about who he lets on so doesn`t get busy but give him a call and have a chat - it won`t be a problem as he loves to see a van up there ..

    A PROPER dales pub - few and far between these days ..

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  2. That is a complete and utter pain, I'm totally gutted about Goredale:(:(:( Fave spot. Although aint been for a couple of years. Bums.
  3. And the Crown at Lofthouse, Clive and Trish are the same, no shower though.
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  4. Two pubs about a mile apart both called The Crown - nothing else for miles .... Bizzare !!
    Had a few pints `dahn t`hill ` and enjoyed the Lofthouse Crown but it`s a bugger-of-a-walk back to the field ..

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  5. it's been our caving club's pub of choice for years now. Used to be up there digging, 2/3 times a week. Clive's a character, it can be four deep at the bar and he'll pull himself a pint. Then he'll stand back and say summat like " Tha'll aft giers a minute, bin a while since a h's had un." Never takes him long
  6. We were stopping at How Stean site once and left top pub about half four in the morning. 13 in and on a 2CV:eek::rolleyes::D. Good night. When we went in there was an Arab and the Bride of Dracula with a rubber stake through her chest. Must have been 80 odd.
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  7. Ain`t changed much - last time i was there they had a Morris convention and a ladies shooting party which got steadily more `nudge-nudge` as the night progressed into daylight :thumbsup:

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  8. Sounds about right
  9. They're not missed as much
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  10. Is it flat?
  11. Causeway croft at Kettlewell 3 pubs in walking distance £12 a night and 20p per unit of electric one night with tv, straighteners, phone chargers and a toaster didn't even turn over! Toilets aren't the most modern but clean, 50p for a shower but didn't venture in so can't comment, friendly bloke running it and a beautiful drive out thumbs up from me!

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