Yorkshire Dales site, ideas?

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  1. Last year I went across to the dales and stayed at a site in skirethorns near grassington. The site was just ok but it was a bit of hike to the local pub and uphill on the return. However, it was a mile and a half to grassington which was great. I'm planning a weekend away in April and want to go back to the dales but my mate and his wife want to come and pitch a tent. So, are there any recommendations for a campsite in the dales with hook up that also does tents with good clean facilities and a short walk to a pub or village? Cheers
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    Seconded :thumbsup:
  4. ^^^ They beat me to it!
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    I think there is a site at Hawes that looks okay if he wants to change pubs :burp:
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    Dent...nuff said :thumbsup:
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    Oh yeah that's brilliant has well, :thumbsup:

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  10. Goredale Scar, and Dent:thumbsup:
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    Last I heard, Malcolm was'nt taking campers no more, just scouts and duke of edinburgh types
  12. Ever
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  13. What about tan hill pub for camping
  14. I'm liking the look of the Hawes site, hopefully the bus will manage buttertubs without too much trouble
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    Can't find a bus version but this blokes shifting a bit :eek:

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  16. A fun bit of road - great on a bike!!
  17. Hopefully I won't meet the caterham fella coming the other way.....

  18. We camped at Tan Hill one New Years eve. We rocked up to a pre-erected tent and went straight to the pub :thumbsup:

    We all got thrown out in the wee hours and stumbled into a cold bed, only to have one of the worst nights sleep I've ever had but couldn't work out why in my booze addled slumber.

    Woke up to find it was a wee bit damp, those o_O scouts had pitched us over a frozen stream.

    Good place though.
  19. Dent and Hawes are fab
  20. We camp in front of the pub and as long as you make a donation to mountain rescue you can use the (basic) facilities and nice warm fire!! And loads of food n beer!!
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