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  1. I was soooo nervous going to my first one, I’d put it off so many tines before so knew I just had to do it.

    I had no idea what to expect, would it be really blokey (yes!) and would I need to know more about the noisy cupboard (probably)?

    It wasn’t until the Sunday that I finally asked about the issues on my bus after a couple of nights getting to know folk and finding out they weren’t as bad as they looked!

    I think it’s much friendlier for newbies now, not that it was unfriendly but I’ve noticed a distinct effort in making folk feel involved from the off :)
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  2. Yep a good bunch of people who generally try to make others feel welcome
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  3. Sick boys write up sums it up very well I think

    Long live techenders
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  4. It does. Its a shame his blog is no longer live
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  5. +1 and without new blood, it will only wither and become much less! So my sincere thanks to all of you for making this newbie feel welcome this past year :)
  6. Thanks Paul. Yes I miss writing it but the hosts suddenly presented me with a huge continuation bill which I felt was a ripoff. See you at the April TE.
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  7. I'll see what I can find later/tomorrow. A crazy 24 hours. Got sent to hospital for a Cystoscopy - just waiting for the okay to go home (you have to be able to pee). Whilst in there (ironically whilst I should have been doing hospital radio) my mum tripped over last night and got sent to A&E where she was till 1am. Off round to hers for the day.

    I think I might have a few more photos on my portable hard drive and there was a Techenders article I think in issue 2 or 3 of Camper and Commercial - though I don't remember any photos of me in it.

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  8. Sorry to hear about the health woes.

    Hope you and your mum get better soon.

    There is absolutely no hurry for this info, just do it at some point.

    Someone refers to the article in one of the earlier techenders threads, but their photos of it no longer work.
  9. I wonder if we should redo the techenders website so it can host blogs from lots of camper van owners?

    It would need doing by someone with more technical knowledge than me though!

    @PeaSoup how hard would it be to create a website that would allow multiple camper/vw bloggers to come together and post their blogs?


    Each blogger would have to have the ability to log in and create their individual blog posts, but not edit other peoples posts.

    People could promote their specific blog eg techenders.blog/sickbaydays/post1
    The blog 'template' could include a link /promo to all other bloggers posts
    EG if you've enjoyed reading this check out what other vw owners are saying at techenders.blog. & check out my other posts at technders.blog/sickbaydays

    People would then get to see a range of articles from vw lovers all in one place and more frequently, but individual bloggers would still be in control of their own content.
  10. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Don’t take this the wrong way but why?
    Sounds like thelatebay.com
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  11. Fair point, but it wouldn't be anything like a forum
    It would just be a host site/central point for multiple VW bloggers.

    Loads of VW fans have individual blogs, many struggle to get people to those individual sites and people tend to post infrequently.
    I envisage more of an online VW 'magazine' than a forum, multiple writers serving up content as and when they choose, but bring enough 'bloggers' together and the 'reader' should always get some new VW content.
    It may be of no interest to anyone
    I only thought of a shared platform after John said he had given up his blog for cost reasons
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  12. One of the greatest thing for me from my own observation at my on and off attendance at techenders is seeing people grow

    Personally I have seen people that arrived with problems and asking for help
    A few years later helping and advising others to good effect

    Non of us are experts in anything in life to begin with

    But with time and the right support it’s amazing how quick we can advance

    All it takes is to take the first steps of arriving and asking for help/advice
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  13. Due to personal circumstances it’s taking longer than planned, but I’m in the process of editing a video of a CV joint change and some general TE things for the website, got it down to 35 minutes at the moment.
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  14. Nice one that would be great

    35 Minutes is long - perhaps do a general TE video and then a specific CV joint change at Techenders video
  15. I can't remember who was videoing all busses arriving at techenders I think your battery may have run out?

    It would be great to have some of that footage
  16. Years ago someone posted a photo on here of loads of buses and peoples forum user names.

    That photo and others featuring user names appears on www.techenders.co.uk .

    If you don't want your picture of forum user name to be on www.techenders.co.uk please let me know with a PM and I will get it removed.

    If you don't want your pictures featured on the website (or want to be credited differently to how you are now) then please PM me.
  17. Wasn't me, sorry Paul.
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    bernjb56 Administrator

    I think the busses with forum names was @sANDYbAY
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  19. I’m happy for any of my films or photos to be used and there really is no need to be credited.
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  20. Thanks.

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