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    I've added in as much historic stuff as I can find.

    There is now a chronological history of past techenders:

    Various photos & videos (in date order):

    Please help me find some older techenders stuff @Tuesday wildchild @Louey @Rickyroo & anyone else who went to earlier techenders.

    What if anything do you want from it?

    The website was set up when I thought Techenders may suffer as a result of the historic fallout.

    It currently features:
    The next techenders date.
    Basic info on techenders for those who haven't been before.
    Photos of past techenders (Mainly from @mikedjames @MorkC68 ).
    Various 'Blog' posts relating to techenders, but mainly just Links to past techenders threads &
    Lists of attendees and what they planned on doing.
    (So a bit of a history of more recent techenders.)

    Feel free to make any suggestions as what you want to see on the website (if anything).

    Anyone who wants to write a 'blog' post about their techenders experience - zap it over.
    If you want to see your techenders photos on the website, please put them in a digital album, make them public and send me a link.
    Google photos can be linked as can other digital ways of storing photos.

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  2. Could we have a 'where's Barry' section, based on the Spot The Ball format - place a cross in a part of the bottom field where you think Barry would park up?

    I'd pay good money to play that.
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  4. Me too
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  5. Being serious for a moment, the site was a great introduction for me before my first visit. The photos really are the best way to show folk what to expect.
  6. Good to see this being kept alive. Years ago there was a tekenders site with photo's of the first ones etc, not sure if that's still there or not.
  7. @paulcalf

    I think it gives everyone a taster of what Techenders is all about and doesn't take the emphasis of the forums, which gets the balance about right.

    Ive said before feel free to use any photo's I have taken, same goes to anyone too - and if you want any of the full size 4496 x 3000 image, let me know and I'll email it you.

    What it has made me realise is that my blog thread on Techenders https://twolatebays.wordpress.com/techenders/ is April 2017. Over the course of the next few days / weekend, I'll bring it up to date. If you want to add a link Paul, please do!
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  8. He wouldn't park up in the field.
    He'd be in the dogging lay-by down the road!!!:rolleyes:
  9. Typing as someone who hasn't been to a Techenders, the website is a great introduction to what it's about. It's made me want to get to one even more.
    Thanks for your work in setting it up.
  10. Ive set-up a web page call Bellender's Ding-Dong-ring-a-ding-dong!
  11. There already is a link to your blog.
    There is a button/link at the end of the 'find out more' section.
    The site is restricted to two pages - hence why there is so much text on 'one' page.
    Four of the five headings at the top, are all on 'one' web page.
    The blog page is the other web page - I think this gives unlimited blog post pages.
    I could do a blog post link to your blog post perhaps.
  12. :lol:

    The only link I didnt explore was the one to the blogs..even more pressure to get my side more up to date! I will do it :)

    I dont mind whether you do a blog post link or leave it as is, either way you have linked me in which is great :)

    All is good :D
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  13. Updated the site

    Check it out, there are loads of photos, videos, links to techenders threads.

    What was your first ever techenders?

    Who has been going the longest?
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  14. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I’m pretty sure I’ve missed 1 in about 14 years.
    @Louey has maybe been going longest now?
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  15. Who ??
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  16. the chap with the *whispers* TRANSIT!

    though i suspect he's missed more that one.
    i remember my first being loud, proud, take no prisoners! and me @Baysearcher and @Greenwesty being the last ones standing. almost. :D
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  17. Apparently, the best drivers

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  18. I went to the first ever Techenders, and carried on for a quite a lot of them. Hard to believe I used to teach at them. I stopped going for a few years as I was busy as a school teacher then I decided to join in again.
    A brilliant crazy bunch.

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  19. Can you dig out any photos, at some point please.
  20. Anymore photos of the early ones.

    Especially ones with your pony tail
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