Worlds longest resto?

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by nobbly, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. @motorcycleemptyness - the poor bikes are very neglected. I have a mint TY250R Pinky too, but working away from home too much and spending some time on the van means summat has to give, for a while anyway. Already have plans for the French 4-day in VW + trailer next year. When I do ride it's just the local clubman trials, I do LOVE it when I can attend though! Actually, still need to get a license....
  2. Love the thread and perseverance :) nice when you get your mojo back and crack on :) keep the pics coming
  3. I ride a fair bit up and down the country (No rocks here in Oxford) . The French 4 day looks good . I have done the Reeth 3 Day a few times (clubman route) . I also have a Resto Project that needs some inspiration !
  4. He he, plenty of rocks and mountain streams up my way. I know a couple if friendly farmers who let me have a practice if I want. I just need a time machine to fit it in!
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  5. Great to see another restoration to bring an old bus back to life
    Im also liking the merc steels how close are they to the original offset and width?
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  6. Amazing what you guys get upto..:hattip:
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  7. @paradox - Very close. The ET is 54 and width is 5.5J, I did the sums and its near enough. I've gone for 195/65 15 (rear) and 185/60 15 (front) tyres.

    I think they are reminiscent of some Porsche or earlier type 2 steels, I like the 'commercial' look as mine was born as a panel van :hattip:

    I also like that they only cost £60 off ebay :thumbsup:. I needed nuts with a different radius, they cost another £25 I think.
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  8. Cheers for that
    They sound just the ticket for getting some bf Goodrich all terrains on my van

    What merc are they off?
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  10. Some more of the blue paint removed, the blue that remains (upper left of panel) is a lake of filler over a dent. Just the front panel to go now!


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  12. What are you removing the paint with?
  13. @kelvin webbe - old school scraper and hot air gun :-(

    It is a bloody awful job
  14. Wow 15 years later, should have got your parts and gearbox back then :)
    Doing a quality job :thumbsup:
  15. Good day today.

    Engine in...

    Brief the kids, equip with Haynes manual and set to work...

    Lounge around drinking wine*

    Engine out...

    Well done lads [​IMG]

    Another step towards Type 4 power! Looking forward to another 'van' day on Friday

    *I didn't actually drink any wine. I didn't have any with me :-(
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  16. Not much progress on the van today [​IMG]

    Needed to pay the rent with a bit of MG action, so patched the inner sill, made a closing panel for the back of it and stuck a new panel in. Nice!


    Ooohh, whats that behind the roadster?


    Best try a test fit of my new (old) towbar... hopefully it'll clear the type 4 exhaust...



    Ready for an Eriba? Need to do summat, I've a tintop and 3 kids [​IMG]
  17. Couldn't get to the workshop today as two nice gentlemen (and bay owners) were coming to have a look at my 1600 engine, which is surplus to requirements as I have a type 4 to go in. Had the motor hooked up to a battery and gearbox for demo purposes, it was running like a sowing machine at 11am. The prospective buyers arrived at about 2pm and it wouldn't start! After a bit of faffing around and a dizzy swap it kind of ran, enough at least to prove it does work!!!

    Anyway as part of the deal I aquired a snail fan (I now have two) as I bought one 3 days ago [​IMG] and a very good Ernst slencer [​IMG]

    Here she is after a bit of spit and polish...

    After the deal was done I decided to refurb the driveshafts, so removed the CV joints, then washed in solvent and inspected them, all good and genuine VW with no wear to speak of...



    Then a bit of paint applied and left to dry, ready for new boots tomorrow.


    Note the one conical washer below... three didn't have this fitted, but one did. Haynes says 'discard the washer' but I assume this means replace with a new one?? Answers ona postcard please...
  18. Vw deleted the washer in the later years
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  19. So it doesn't matter if the inner part moves a bit to-and-fro?
  20. Mostly looking after kids today, so just got the driveshafts back together. 'Sans' washers, cheers @paradox

    Still, it all brings victory!


    Looking better in new boots...
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