Worlds longest resto?

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  1. Wow.. you've done all of that since Feb! Top work... isn't it great driving from the MOT.. even if it it did take us two trips on the day

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  2. Just a quick update after the first family trip out in Dorothy last weekend. We had a fab time and being in the bay just made it so much more than camping trips have been before.

    I wanted to post up a big THANK-YOU to all the bayers - Early and Late - who've offered kind words, help, parts and inspiration from their own projects!

    First some emergency trimming to do!

    Door cards fitted, some nice OG ones in the original dark tan...

    Mrs N trimmed up the interior panels...

    Whilst I ran a gas pipe (in anticipation of) the hob and a propex heater..

    ... and fitted the vinyl flooring - no pics - running out of time!

    Off we go! First stop on the shores of Ullswater for lunch in a field. Lovely.

    Note: T4 in attendance with 3 bikes, a motorbike, 2 tents, the dog and a sheet of 8' x 4' ply for my brother in the back! I also love my T4 - what a worker she's been!

    We had the luxury of a VERY quiet campsite for bank Holiday weekend, luckily I'm from a family of farmers so went 'home' to the farm in the Lake District where I grew up. As she only sleeps 2 and a half people (and there's 5 of us) it was musical beds so everyone got a sleep in the bay!!


    Breakfast time.

    Lunch time.

    Play time.

    Dawn breaks..... They're all asleep in there...

    Lots more good times ahead I feel!!
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  3. well done!

    Looks great - you have given me a kick start to getting our westy rebuilt and rejuvenated :D
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  4. Such great work. Looks fantastic.

    I hope you all have a great time!! :)
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  5. JamesLey

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    Need to get a move on with ours having seen yours!
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  6. Adventure Update!

    Roof tent being fitted...


    Heading off for a trial run at Stanford Hall :)


    Nearer to home, hot chocolates in a quiet spot :thumbsup:



    It's all epic!
  7. Camping at the EB camp out, chilly on the Friday. Brrr!

    The line-up was mega! I think there were 65 early bays :eek:


    We we're near the end with the 'only just eligible' crossers!
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  8. More preparations for France....

    Kitchen fitted + fridge. This Waeco CRX50 is amazingly efficient!
    Buddy seat for the bog. For number 1's only though team! Got both from RVTec near Preston, very happy with them we are too.


    Plus the biggest roof rack we can fit on :thumbsup::thumbsup:


    We've booked 'up to 3.4m high' on the ferry, so can pile on the gear!!!
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  9. Looking good!!!
    Have a great time.
  10. So Dorothy has been used a lot since we got her on the road and has been pretty reliable over about 8,000 miles. Just routine servicing and cleaning really. We have had a few niggles:
    The front brakes have an incurable intermittent squeal, various types of pad have failed to address this and if it is the discs, well they are too good to change!
    The Chinese LED strip lights have a mind of their own - there is always one that flickers or just won't switch on, but it is never the same one twice!
    A couple of weeks ago the r/h heat exchanger blew a hole in the header pipe so a new one plus associated bits was ordered from JK.
    I have just spent the morning removing the 'transit paint' with thinners and Scotchbrite pads/rags - a lovely job! Then repainting with VHT paint. Why the hell JK don't get them painted with the proper stuff in the first place is beyond me? A sceptical person may think that most people can't be a**ed to strip and repaint (it is a pain), so they don't last very long and repeat business is guaranteed.
    Looking forward to getting out and about again this Summer [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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