Woody my 72/73 bay window resto project .......an epic tale of rust.......

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  1. Looking through the various resto threads - I see a lot of variation in underside vehicle prep and painting. Would you recommend that epoxy mastic stuff? It looked pretty good in ur pics? Wire brush before then paint? Etch primer? Kurust? Jenolite? What would you do if you were gonna do it again? Many thanks - john
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    .....If I was doing it again? .......probably get it shot blasted :D ....or soda blasting

    I spent weeks under the van scraping off dirt and old underseal, wire brushing all the rust .....shot blasting would have been messy but would have got every bit of rust off!!

    Ideally, I would have like to have painted the underside the same as the rest of the van, but in reality its not hard wearing enough and is only any good on a trailer queen!! as it wont stay like that for long

    I've tried various things over the years on my MG, after a lot of research I looked at POR15. I tried it but the prep is difficult to achieve, and even doing it to the letter I had some areas that peeled off, I then found epoxy mastic. Its very forgiving regarding prep, but as with everything, the better the prep, the better the results

    I've tried various rust killers, treatments and encapsulaters and never really rated them.

    If I do it again (which I will on my MG) I will do the same as the van, wire brush all of the rust back to shiny metal or as best as you can get it, try a few more rust killers, then coat direct with epoxy mastic :thumbsup: ....you don't really need etch primer unless it is bright new or bare metal, but it wont hurt

    give the lot a 2nd coat, then waxoyl
  3. Hey thanks for taking the time to reply diddymen - there is a sand blaster nearby so I'm gonna ask how much. Been looking at home sand blasters that attach to the compressor - sounds messy tho!! I think epoxy mastic and wire brush grinder attachment is probably the way I'll go though - thanks again
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    If your paying someone, I'd only bother shot blasting the bottom. Top and inside is an unnecessary expense.

    If you are doing it your self, you would need a good compressor, and the only decent shot blasters for home use as far as I read up on them would be a pressure pot type.

    I borrowed my neighbours spray gun type shot blaster to do inside the rear vents ....but it wasn't that good TBH

    and your right, its a lot of mess!!
  5. The good thing is my workshops on a Cornish farm so you won't notice the mess! Farmers wife might get me tho - I'll post some picks of it all when I get started - give u all a laugh
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    ....I've still been doing little bits here and there each weekend if I can,

    routered a bit out of the back of the top locker base, and put a chamfer on it


    made some brackets up


    and then fitted it up to see how well or bad it fits


    seems to be ok


    cut the other bits out


    and screwed them together and rested against the base to see what it looks like


    seems to be coming together nicely. today I routed out a little bit to recess the brackets into the base and for the door hinge .......it seems to be taking a lot longer than I though!!

    I was hoping to screw it all together today and trial fit it......once I know it fits I'll take it all apart and give it a couple of coats of yacht varnish ......which seems to take ages to dry .....so probably be another few weeks before I can finish it :(

    Plan it to give it a cream gloss finish, so I'll probably get some vinyl wrap .....but I've still got to do the prep work first.

    Didn't get it fitted today as I took the family out in the van today for a picnic and to go kite flying at Butser hill :) .....not flown a kite since I was a kid!!

    here's proof @zed


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  7. Looks like the weeds have grown a bit since last we went up there .... 4 years ago ....
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    lol ......its a nature reserve so they must be wild flowers :D

    looks like we were parked in exactly the same spot :)
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  9. Its a shame I'm off to hospital on Friday otherwise could have met up for a Saturday lunchtime picnic ... we've been sailing today Southampton Water to see the Red Arrows.
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    yea, that would have been good, hope the op goes well

    .....Mac said you were going to Wales? in October? :eek:
  11. No Wales in Late November not in the bus though and thanks I might have to post some pics of my leg after its been cut open ... am i scared of course I am
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    you'll be fine ....you'll probably be climbing again next year :D
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    so, not much done this weekend, I did finally fit a strap to the spare wheel (still got to get Mrs D to make me a cover for it)


    but locker is kind of done, I trial fitted it in place to see if it fits



    It fits :)

    .....I've now taken it out again, a bit more sanding and given it it's first coat of varnish.....it will have several coats sanded in between for a smooth finish before I coat it in vinyl wrap
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  14. must be finished by now ..................
  15. We used to live in Rogate near Petersfield but didn't have the van then. We went to Butser Hill a lot to the country park when the kids were small. Its a great place.

    Well done with your van, its a great success story.
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  16. small world ... I live just up over the hill from Rogate
  17. Diddymen

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    thanks MGBman .....but its not quite finished yet!

    still got to fit the stereo and speakers, make interior units, leisure wiring, 240V hook up and get it usable for camping

    I have been looking around a few places for a laminate/formica sheet, to cover the unit that I have made.....so I can get on and fit it, but I've not found the right shade of white/cream yet :lol:

    and I have a new baby due in 2 weeks time :D

    ....then I can start my MGB restoration :D
  18. and then sell the camper as you won't have time to use it ;)
  19. Finished yet? :)
  20. Don't be silly
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