wood burner setting off wire-in smoke alarm :(

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. If it's mains operated you should just be able to unclip the main body and remove it. I can with mine anyway. Just unclips and slides. Have a look around the edge see if there is a place to get the and of a screwdriver in.
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  2. Fire looks lovely BTW
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  3. Swop the smoke detector for a heat detector. If you can purchase the same make then it will be simple to do. That way you will be safe and sound.
  4. I would leave the smoke detector in place for when those dry logs you have stacked around the stove self combust .
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  5. Am getting through them at a rate of knots. Great draw on the stove.
  6. No, really , dont stack dry logs around you stove
  7. there's lots of space around it and they're not touching the stove. mr. chimney said it was ok :/
  8. Yep, chirp when backup battery is low as well. As battery Voltage fluctuates with temperature, this always means that the chirping starts when the house cools down at night.
  9. Buddy said "chimley" I like that :)
  10. i stack them around ours .it does dry em out,
    sometimes when one touches the case it can get a bit smokey...:D
  11. I used to go outside and just chop a branch off the nearest tree ,that set our smoke alarm off...:thumbsup:

    might need a eco fan to spread the fumes around the living room...:)
  12. Relax @Ermintrude , @paradox knows best. (Assuming your flue installation people knew what they were doing) ;) hehe only joking of course they did.
  13. yes!

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