wood burner setting off wire-in smoke alarm :(

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  1. there is a wired-in smoke alarm in the living room and having lit my stove for the first time ever this morning, i find that it sets the boggin' things off. good morning neighbours!:oops:
    if i try to cover it, it goes off. the only way it doesn't is by keeping the front door open. not really the cosy experience i was after :confused:

    any ideas, tips.
  2. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    i presume the smoke isn't escaping up the chimney correctly, perhaps not a bad thing the alarm is going off?
  3. it worked perfectly on the smoke test. could it be the paint on the stove as it's first proper use? unless a bird has dropped down the flue :eek:
  4. you can disconnect it by binning the power at the consumer unit, removing the cover, pulling the plug connector (or individual cables) and removing the back up battery....
    Sometimes they're on a separate circuit....most times they're tied in to the lighting ring.

    trouble is, it defeats the object of fitting a smoke alarm....they can be f*cking annoying, but they also save lives
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  5. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    if you've had a proper smoke test that's ok then, i guess the only way to find out the paint option is to carry on annoying the neighbours and let the bird cook a bit.
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  6. i was about to suggest this, but didn't know enough about it to post....new barbeques give off some rank chemicals when first fired up, so in the meantime, just stick some duct tape over it and see....
    the chimney should have a cowling....
  7. it's really only a temporary thing (i hope) so that i can go upstairs and take floorboards up without having to keep running down to open the doors and wave the mop at it.

    will call the installer tomorrow and try another fire later on.
  8. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    you could stand on a chair and smash it with a broom - works on the telly
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  9. it does smell horrible, which i was warned about. every time i go near the detector with clingfilm to cover it, it goes off! is this a *thing* with them so you can't cover 'em?
  10. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    woah! steady she's got enough trouble with a bird in there, sticking a bovine into the equasion will only make it worse.
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  11. If you are considering such an undertaking please ensure that the chair is wobbly, and the broom handle several inches too short
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  12. It boils the kettle well [​IMG]
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  13. try silver foil....;)

    and season with rosemary...
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  14. seriously? or are you just making me do daft things?
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  15. that looks cozy....
  16. would I do so a thing?:eek:
    try cutting the power at the CU first....it will prolly have a battery back up as well....
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  17. some smoke detectors can be very sensitive , we have one that can detect a piece of toast...:p

    so may not be suitable for a room with a wood stove,

    it may be better to have a carbon monoxide detector in its place,

    when i light our wood burner we get a wiff of smoke smell.
    like when you walk into a pub with a fire, [ we had a smoke test by BG last year and the chimney has a good up draft]

    when i light our wood burner, i place some newspaper screwed up at the back and light it,
    and it burns causing lots of up draft up the chimney then i light the front of the fire....
  18. Its the paint on the stove

    Open the windows and doors and get the woodburner roaring hot for a fair while
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  19. Don't leave the alarm covered or disconnect it in case there's somthing wrong with it, if your chimley catches light you would probably want to know about, a burner shouldnt set an alarm off when its closed and all connected and working properly, if its leaking it needs sorting if its paint just have a small fire for now till its burnt off a bit and leave the front door open till its better
  20. if you're very unlucky, you'll have the ones where the alarm chirps to remind you that the battery needs reconnecting:rolleyes:

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