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  1. OK, we sold our beloved and immaculate prototype "Dora" last year, and after regretting the sale we decided to get another....
    So, I'm the proud (ish) owner of a 78 Westfalia Champagne edition van, that needs a lot of work AND needs to be ready by Camperjam. Eek
    A sound and solid van, BUT filthy inside, and has been laid up for 20 years after a fairly major engine fire. The engine bay is burnt beyond redemption and the interior is a bit singed but not to bad.
    So I have 6 weeks approx to have her ready for Camperjam, and then a few weeks later 10 days in France - how mad am I? Can we do it?
    I'm going to post regular updates, and will be doing most of the work myself apart from the engine bay welding and paint.
    My good lady wants to change the colour, as she's not keen on the brown, and thinking of doing the bottom half in Savannah magnolia, or something similar - comments would be useful!

    Here's some pics..... Image.jpg Image 4.jpg Image 5.jpg Image 15.jpg
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  2. Terrordales

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    Looks like a big job to do in 6 weeks.
    Good luck :thumbsup:
  3. have fun!!
  4. :eek: Brave fella!
  5. Wow that's a big job. Good luck.
  6. Good luck with it, but I'll have £10 on it not being done in 6 weeks. :thumbsup:

    This'll be a bit like Challenge Anneka!
  7. jeepers :eek: youve got some work to do, keep us posted on progress!
  8. Fun is one word. I'm keen to get opinions on the colour - what does everyone think?
  9. The first challenge will be to get rid of the smell. With the help of the kids we spent a couple of hours on Tuesday evening trying to clean out the mess from inside the interior. It was FULL of walnut shells and what I think is squirrel or rat poo - three black bin bags FULL! The interior isn't too bad, but the headlining is U/S and front seats are knackered. The rear cushions are alright, but the upstairs beds have been eaten by what was living inside and getting fat on walnuts!!
    Tonight / tomorrow the engine comes out.....I already have a previously procured running Laurie Petitt rebuilt engine ready to go in when the engine bay is shotblasted, painted and welded. Over the next few days I'm overhauling the brakes and steering and also stripping her out ready for paint etc. It's a big job, but I have a plan...... Plus I have full workshop facilities available, so I'm confident...
  10. 6 weeks!!!!! Will you be working on it full time?

    Oh and purple is a lovely colour for a bus ...
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  11. If im not mistaken thats a champagne edition like rickyroos:thumbsup:

    Sounds like you have a tight schedule dude and im looking forward to following your progress
  12. green is the best colour for a bus!
    please change the rear cushions as they will hold a lot of the smoke smell and other nasties (squirrel/rat wee).

    six weeks is a tall order! so what you doing wasting precious time on here???? :D
  13. Thats quite a push so good luck! I'm in the keep it brown club i'm afraid, its a champagne so it should be brown but obviously its your bus and swmbo is always right! :thumbsup:
  14. It must remain Poo coloured....there's not enough Poo buses on here!!
  15. Is this an Eberspacher heater?
  16. IMG_2688 copy.jpg

    And what has some done to my steering arms????
  17. If we're looking at the same thing I think thats an LPG tank and as for your steering arms eeeeerrrrmmmm!?
  18. foe


    I think someone tried to benchpress your bus from the steering arms!
  19. I am going to be of no help to you, but this is as exciting as being on a treasure hunt.:)
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