Windscreen Washer HELP!

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Dr Qt, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Arghhhh that makes sence! My other half just pull the other side saying it was brocken before it was pulled.... ill have a look tomorrow at how to remove the dash off!

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  2. There’s screws along the top edge near the windscreen and nuts along the top of the dash behind the padded grab rail section
    You will need to remove the glove box and speedo cluster if memory serves me correctly
  3. Ok so trying to spend odd bits of time here and there has not fixed it so tonight the whole lots coming out and being replaced! tonights the night! I think all the pipes rubbers gone and its kinking....fingers crossed about getting that dash on and off ok!

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  4. HOW are u suposed to squezze the clips?!?!! Taken dash off and the hole though to the other sides not inline!

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  5. [​IMG] see the green dot on image...

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  6. Needle nose pliers or push one side clip with a flat bladed screwdriver until the jet is half way out then push the other side clip with the screwdriver
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  7. I may have missed it but if you have an electric conversion youll need a way for air to enter to replace the fluid pumped out. As a test, try it with the cap off to see if it works - if so then remove the valve core or drill a small hole in the cap or at the highest point you can
  8. Just had to sort mine for Mot..turned out the one way valve had become a no way valve.
    Removal of glove box liner makes job easy on one side, the other is visible/ accessible with no need to remove anything.
    My washer jets just turned through 90 degrees and prised out.
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  9. Hi folks, total newbie here. I have a 1979 Devon Moonraker manual, all original. How do you fill the windscreen washer bottle without it going everywhere except into the bottle?
  10. A funnel with a length of hose or a bottle modified with a bit of hose squeezed through a slightly small hole in the cap.

    And listen to the change in sound as it is about to pour out all over the place. If you use slightly foamy screen wash the foam runs out first.
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  11. Magic pixie's, luck or get a Unicorn to do it for you, can you tell I've had the same problem?
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  12. i use an old water bottle, the plastic ones you buy from the garage, but its still a pain...
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  13. But they were perfect for the forecourt water supplies that were everywhere at the time and free, right next to the free air for tyres to pump it up after.
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  14. Yeah I remember those. You could fill water balloons with them. And the air in your Raleigh Chopper tyres. Happy days
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  15. Yep, after I posted I thought a cut off top from a small water bottle would make a small funnel that would fit at an angle it didn't just pour back out of the funnel. Ta
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  16. Ah yes the old hose trick. Dad always used to carry a length of old hosepipe in the car, and a pair of tights. Never did know what the knickers were for though
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  17. No cutting involved. Just use the bottle to squeeze some in. If you see what I mean ?

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  18. Makeshift fan belt
  19. When the garden centres open, o e of those dainty watering cans for indoor plants, the long thin spout is perfect.
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