Windscreen Washer HELP!

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Dr Qt, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Total newbee to forms and VW Campers! This is going to sound stupid! But do you need to bike pump pressurise and electric system? I think ive narrowed the main problem down to a blocked washer on the right hand side and might replace with 3mm(read that on the form) pipe just to be sure...but i dont know if its fully electric and if so why does it have the bike pump attachment?? So comfused and cab and me are soaked!


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  2. No pumping required if it’s been converted to electric
    Can you hear the pump running?
  3. Looks like electric pump, if its coming out one side its working from the pump. The nozzle is blocked the other side
  4. Yes i can hear a pump when battery connected i cant hear when its disconnected! So the bike pump lead is left from maybe previous conversion?

    Going to get an air line on it tomorrow to try and un clog it... just got one more MOT to pass! thanks! Ill update tomorrow to let you know if its fixed it!

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  5. Hope i didnt damage anything trying to bike pump it! And now i have to figure out a use for the bike pump to justify it for the other half!

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  6. Probably better off disconnecting the valve from the bottle, if air cant get in it cant get out ?
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  7. Buy a bike
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  8. maybe an air bed or something less energetic!

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  9. Mine used to have bike pump rubber and valve still fitted when I had electric pump found I needed it to help prime it till. I put the pump down lower .
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  10. There is someone on this forum trying to inflate a space hopper. Maybe they'll take the pump off your hands.:)
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  11. i left the valve in place when i fitted an electric pump, i also had fitted a one way valve just after the pump as i found the water would syphon back down the pipe when not used
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  12. @scrooge95 i believe ? :thumbsup:
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  13. Getting air in, not a problem.
    Getting air to stay in, that’s the tricky part!
    Oh the joy of space hoppers.

    My old fashioned bike pump windscreen washers work perfectly, mind!
  14. Tyreweld? :D
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  15. Duct tape! Lol glitter duct tape can fix anything right?!

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  16. Interesting!!!

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  17. Sometimes when a nozzle is blocked amd you are desperate for a screen washer jet to work, blowing hard back down the nozzle works.
    Dont do it with scented screen wash in the system.. it tastes foul for hours.
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  18. I got the air line out and cleared the one windscreen washer....attached it and it works but when i put it into the van the pipe kinks and stops working! :-( ive got new 3mm pipe coming from ebay to replace?

    And now the other one doesn’t work! Tried to get that out but don’t know the technique??? I tried with plastic sporks this morning before work....did not work how do you get them out?

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  19. Am getting parts from just kampers new t pipe new outside washer part and I’m wondering weather to get new none return valve? If I’m feeling this lost over the washer system whats it gunna be like when the rest of the van needs replacing!

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  20. You need to take the dash top off then from inside squeeze the plastic tabs either side of the washer jet together and push.

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