Will 17 inch rims fit my late bay?

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  1. I have a 79 Bay that has 4.5 inch lowered horseshoes on the rear, and Ambros adjusters on the front beam cranked all the way down. I currently have the factory wheels with 195-70-14 tires (Yes, I'm from the US) and they take some special maneuvering to get them on. I have a super cool idea, and want to mount some 17x7 wheels with a 43et on 215-50-17's. rims size, and tire size are not changeable due to a specific brand of tire, and a specific wheel I want to use. Will it work? Will it fit with minimal, or no rubbing? Ideas are cool but I'd like to hear from experience with rim and tire sizes the same or very close to what I have described.

    Thanks in advance, SS
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  4. PW you are the man... I'm more concerned with the 7 inch width of the wheels. I'm trying to avoid doing any major fabrications to get 7 inch width wheels under my bus. The rear of the bus seems like it may be an issue. That kustomcoachwerks link is spot on, but I know I dont have the time, know-how, or tools to do something like that. I know trying to get my factory wheels on with 195-70-14 was a little bit of a chore, so I waqs wondering if getting a 17x7 with a 215-50 tire was doable with some crazy modification.
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  5. Thanks MC68, it looks like I'll be picking the wheels up at 3pm today ( in 5 hourse)!!!
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  6. Got them fitted yet?? :lol:
  7. Nope, but I did get them! In the box no-less!!! Gotta pay them off, powdercoat, and buy tires first. May be a while... Offsets are 43.[​IMG]
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  8. they look sweet, what are they off?
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  9. New beetle I think :thinking:
  10. What offset is the minimum as a rule?
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  11. i run 8x15's on the back of my bay , 225/70/15 tyres so 7's shouldn't be a problem
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  12. Well, depending on the wheel width, no less than 35, as that is around stock wheel offset :)
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  13. are they 5x112 then?
  14. Dude, VW keeps messing round with PCDs... it's hard to keep track of what's what!! They look very new beetle to me :thinking:
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  15. [​IMG]
    215 40 17 7 inch rims with a 20mm spacer fitted i have no idea what offset it it but it works
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  16. Yes! Theses are New beetle wheels (2012-2013 model year) and yes they are 5x112. The offset is 43 so I'm assuming ill have a lot of room. Was just a little worried sticking a 215 under them. I'm going to pay them off first and powder coat them and buy Vouge tires for them 215-50-17 before mounting. I'll double check the offset tonight when I get home from work (another 6 hours from now).
  17. If some one buys my Porsche OEM brake parts kit including 4 Cookie Cutter Porsche wheels, I could powdercoat these wheels, and buy the Vouge tires for them and have them on in a few days!
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