Wild camping in scotland in winter

Discussion in 'Wild Camping' started by paradox, May 30, 2012.

  1. Anyone fancy a run up to scotland for some wild camping at the beggining of winter?

    Just an idea at the moment so wondering if theres any other interest?
  2. Hiya para,
    Hope you are well and settled in now.I like the idea of a scotland run.We might be able to do a couple of weeks in the middle to end of october.Will run it passed the wife.Last time we wild camped in scotland we did the outer hedrides and the west coast in our old bus(t25).It was amazing.
    We are up in darbyshire on the nights of the 5th&6th of june staying behind the Miners Standard pub in Winster if you fancy a run out for a night.
    Cheers Ian
  3. I did the west coast a few years ago in November... was cold, and wet, but I had a few good days!! :thumbsup:

    Most surreal thing was I was driving after dark (5pm) towards oban and there was like 200 deer grazing on the side of the road... had a proper OML moment :lol:





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  4. That looks fantastic Paul ,cheers :thumbsup:
    Thing is about camping in winter I prefer hook up so I can use my heater as it gets so cold at night you have to go to bed rather than staying up.
  5. could always take the generator if you have one... been thinking about getting one myself :thumbsup:
  6. Such a good idea ,was thinking of it myself when there was a caravan and camping meet up in a field next to us and everyone had one.
    wonder how much :thinking:
  8. Im afraid i wont be able to make derbyshire ian and cathie as nomad is off the road for some work at the moment and im skint
    Thanks for the offer though

    Nice pics paul i especially like the last one
  9. Burning petrol to run a generator to create electricity to then power an electric heater seems a silly way of doing it to me

    Why not just burn petrol in an erberspcher to heat the van
  11. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    okay para...where to then :) we're up for it
  12. count me in too :D
  13. Would love to para but can't do this year.We have done the west side in our old t25.So if your going up that way can give you a few pointers.
  14. Did it happen?:)

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