White Noise 16-18th August 2013

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  1. Ooooh I luuuurve Stiffkey, have been going to that neck of the woods since I was a child. We camped there a couple of weeks ago and its a really great site. Good amenities nice and friendly, quiet at night and a decent pub within short walking distance. I would be more into that for a group camp than another show tbh.
    If there are plans to do Whitenoise next year I'm on for that, might be more fun with others than being a lonely bay stuck opposite a load of Golf Rev heads razzing around most of the night and listening to the most APPAULING music until the wee small hours.
    There was also a bit of trouble in the bar area at night, just yoofs with too much too much booze inside and a bit of pushing and shoving later in the evening wich was a bit off putting - so we went back to the bus and made a sharp exit on sunday morning while they were nursing hangovers....
    Auto Jumble was good and there was the usual stuff to buy. Good to see what everyone else is doing with their VW's. Worth a visit for sure but we would only go back for a day trip unless there was a group camp organised.

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