White Noise 16-18th August 2013

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  1. Yes - heard good things about the last couple of years ones.

  2. we went last year..was great festival to end our tour of Norfolk! would go again if not so far away!
  3. Yep, I'm off to this. Haven't been for years even though it's really close, there's always been something else on. The last time I went the music was so dire a few of us ended up getting a taxi (as we'd had a drink) into Norwich to go to a nightclub, then the next day got a lift back to pick up tents and scooters. For some reason scooters got in free while VW's had to pay. o_O

    The music looks A LOT better now. :thumbsup:
  4. will be going on the Sunday, went all weekend last year but it is very loud at night , or at least I found it so, very big festival , really enjoyed it :)
  5. We are going for the full weekend.
  6. Funny calypso band last year.
    I don't really like VW based shows, but this one was good - nice balance and more of a festival with dubs than dubfest.
    I might go again...
  7. We are! The wife booked us in to family camping area, she is so getting into the campervan thing I found her this evening bout half 9 in her pj's painting lizzys camping interior :)
  8. We went for the first time last year and really enjoyed it although, as said above, it's really noisy at night which I seem to remember was the fairground rather than the bands!

    Our arrival time missed the rush and a few said there was a bit of a queue to get in and there was a "no glass bottles" policy which saw lots of decanting of booze into water bottles / kettles / pans and was probably responsible for the slow entry rate!

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  9. Ooooh sounds right up my street, will remember the glass bottle thing and decant my Chablis into plastic - how classy am I ??? :burp:
    Hope to see you all there, we will be in the club camping section and hopefuly there will be bucket loads of latebayers in there too
  10. We're quite classy too and go for the 3ltr box option although the white does take up quite a bit of fridge space

    Also used the decanting the box into 1/2 litre square mineral water bottle option as well because you can get 3 in the fridge door rack (one drinking and 2 cooling!)

    If all goes well, we'll be there tomorrow night but in the T5 as TLB hasn't progressed as well as planned (may take the nose badge along so at least a piece makes it there!)

    Have fun

    Mr B
  11. Going on the Saturday instead now , great show
  12. What pitch is everyone in. We are in with another club at the mo!
  13. I have been and come home, great show, but its not as fun when your not camping there, got there at 10 left at 4 , but my mates came 2nd on the bike show which was class !

    Next year we will camp ...........................what about having a LateBay camp in club at Whitenoise ..........can we do that ? What's your thoughts local peeps @dave in norfolk , @zed , @dog and everyone else who I have now struggled to remember which Steve and others local your name have just gone out of my head. But if course if people from further a field want to join that would be amazing ! Its just and idea and it maybe no one wants to but thought I would ask .........................or if not if a bunch would like to get together , if not under the LateBay banner ?
  14. and of course @Neptune and all the others in this thread ! ( oh dear may have opened a can of worms ) ALL everyone , all inclusive :D
  15. dog


    sounds good! i'm sure @Lord Charles and @hailfrank would be up for this too. there's plenty of us about in norfolk and surrounding areas. tlb whitenoise bigcampoutfunfest it is next year then, tlb's birthday is usually around that time too. maybe we can tie in the tlb awards again with a camp like we used too ???
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  16. Sounds good ! If we get our act together ( or mine) and whoever at TLB needs to be notified asked permission of and so forth, this could be something really fun and we could book some club camping before it gets overbooked for next year !
  17. dog


    i'll have words with Pete, i cant see it being a problem, we've only had a minor camp in stiffkey so far, so having a proper camp out would be good. if you keep an ear to the ground, as will i when the ticket allocation comes around i'll sort out some club camping!
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  18. Cheers Dog :thumbsup:
  19. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    I think I promised to sort out club camping last year but somehow I have got distracted.

    I would be well up for a proper TLB camp and know the organisers.

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