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  1. I used to have recaros from an old vauxhall Sri in mine, with runners attached, 4 holes drilled in the seat tubs to hold them in place. Kept the VW runners in place on the drivers side but had to do a little surgery to remove the locating brackets for the passenger side. I did a good job of removing these and kept them so they can be welded back in if ever needed.

    I now have porsche boxster 'tombstone' seats, Grey leather with a fake suede seat squab and back insert. Got them cheap and in very good condition. These are electric. I removed the slider runners from the vauxhall seats so it all sits in the same place as before.

    Great security too, fold the seat back forward over the steering wheel with the electric adjustment and no one can get in to drive the van away.

    We now have a van with a 2+1 bench up front, I like the arrangement of having the option of 3 people in the cab, but the seats are knackered, we're now looking at ways we could shoehorn 3 tombstones upfront without compromising driver comfort
  2. I have Saab 9000 seats but I wouldn't recommend them. Too high and wide - I can only get the seatbelt on with the door open!
  3. I've just bought a mint pair of cream and magnolia leather MGF seats. Should be delivered tomorrow.
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  4. The thing about the MGF seats is if you are short (wife is 5"1) the seat is quite high, so its difficult to get accelerator down to the floor, and your legs swing about like on a roller coaster! So on my wish list is a set of originals.
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    are there any seats that fit the original runners without any modification - apart from proper van seats?
  6. My MGF seats are exactly the same height as the original VW i.e. 19cm high at the front
  7. That's one thing I haven't checked yet. It maybe that we just a bit midgety.
  8. Get a donor pair of bus seats and use the frames to mod the new seats to fit the bus rather than the bus to fit the seat?

    @Terrordales do you know if t25's have the same runners on them as bay drivers seat?
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    lates are the same runners as t25 pre may 73 aren't.

    Lates are t25 prototypes.
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  10. Fanks Poppy :thumbsup:
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  11. [QU did
    OTE="Lydart, post: 484299, member: 1356"]I've just bought a mint pair of magnolia and magnolia leather MGF seats. Should be delivered tomorrow.[/QUOTE]
    How did they fit? I'm thinking of getting some for bess my bus
  12. How did they fit? I'm thinking of getting some for bess my bus[/QUOTE]

    I've got some cloth ones for sale ;)
  13. I've got Alfa ones in mine - dark blue leather - very comfy but I would like cream leather instead - so think I might go for MGF. Having said that , if I had the original in I would keep them as standard.
  14. I fitted my porsche seats in the T25 using the original runners of the old seats
  15. I bought a set of 944 seats for about £120 inc delivery. They are dead comfy compared to the old Westy seats - that's not saying much though as I spent last summer doing about 1500 miles with a spring stuck in my right bum cheek

  16. Slight word of warning though.
    I want to retain the swivel seat when installing the 911 chairs and thought I could just unbolt the seat off the base and reuse the swivel. The original seat runner is however attached to the swivel so if you want to reuse it then you will have to remove the welds and re weld the runner from the new seat on. I ended up buying a swivel from bluebird customs as
    A I couldn't be arsed unpicking the old runner
    B don't tryst my welding that much
    C thought it would be easier if I ever want to switch the seats back
    I'll take some pics when they're in.
  17. [QUOyou got any pictures="AndyC, post: 859560, member: 9823"]How did they fit? I'm thinking of getting some for bess my bus[/QUOTE]

    I've got some cloth ones for sale ;)[/QUOTE]
    Have you got any pictures?
  18. I'm glad you posted this.. I have a good pair of legacy seats and wandered if they would fit.
  19. There's some in the classifieds.
  20. I've got MX5 seats in mine now as i found the Saab 9000 seats too high.
    They are really comfy, have speakers in the headrests and are the same height as stock bay seats. Just needs a little more lumbar support for me, plus if you've got a westy with the cupboard behind the drivers seat it doesn't recline quite enough. Maybe needs another 2" space to be perfect.

    Saab on drivers side and MX5 on passengers as a comparison.

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