Which make of C.V. Boot. Meyle did not last a year.

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  1. Last year I fitted a Meyle C.V. Boot and it did not last a year and a cracks and splits all over. It is "German" :thinking: quality. I have then been in touch with Meyle to complain and I have sent it back for inspection - what ever that is.
    I have fitted a new Meyle boot and will be reporting it's t life. I hope it will last over a year!

    Just ordered two boots from GSF. Both different prices as I noticed I have to fit a new boot on another C.V. Joint that has split but has been on my bus well over 4 years.

    Any one had problems with Meyle rubber?

    Any one recommend a good boot?
  2. Had the same problem.
  3. try and get some mecatech nepoprene covers i had some for a ball joint...:)
    they maybe trade only .i got mine from retrocustoms

    The balljoint boot is made of synthetic rubber and can stretch up to five times its size. They also stretch over the upper balljoint camber nut so you don't have to remove it.
    The balljoint boot is a universal one it has two sections to it. If you need to use it as a tie-rod balljoint, cut the boot with a sharp pair of scissors above the joining line and you will end up with a smaller diameter boot.
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  4. Genuine one are mega money from heritage , GSF do lobro joints which is what the originals were and lobro boots too .they feel good and I have one waiting to go on
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  5. same problem here, cant definitely say they were meyle but it sounds like exactly the same problem i think i've got one more to change now too.
  6. Since 2011 a lot of meyle stuff has been produced in China, including B & P's and some of the rubber products seem to have too much plastic in their make up and are prone to splitting/cracking earlier than normal. We had balljoint boots split after three weeks on a van that hadn't even been driven anywhere.
  7. I have just fitted 4 new CV boots. £36 for the kits with new snap clips, grease, bolts £10.60 each minus GSF discount. 2off are GKN, 2 off are Febe. Will report back next MOT time!
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  8. had same issue, been through 2 sets in as many years, settled for Genuine ones from Heritage which have been fine, well worth the extra money,
  9. ive had gkn ones (from gsf) on the split (has bay cv joints on irs conversion) for about 6 years with no problems.
  10. Had the same issue, changed one with a Meyle boot from Schofields that I picked up at Dubfreeze last year. It's split and I haven't even driven the bus a 100 miles!!
    Will check with GSF or see if I can pick up a Mechatech one. Good thread :)
  11. Another vote for GKN... I've just fitted a pair of mk2 golf ones to see if they last longer :)
  12. Meyle and Mahle are two very different companies ;)

    Meyle changed the composition of their rubber on the CV Joints this year to combat any issues. We stopped getting these at christmas time last year whilst we awaited them to be resolved.

    As said above in the mean time we managed to source the best ones we have, NOS VW ones:


  13. are they actually NOS (as in 30 years old ) or genuine new ones ?
  14. They are NOS, they were found in a factory in South Africa and come in proper VW boxes that to my eyes look like the boxes used in the 80's and early 90's. As for exact manufacture date and location, that I do not have. I have bought a set of 4 and stuck them on my shlef in my garage as they are the best quality of CV boots I have ever seen and although I dont need them now have stashed some for later.

    Hope that helps explain them a little.
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  15. Hi Alex have looked on your web site for these boots which are £29, is that a set of 2 or each boot? Many thanks
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    Just check if the boxes say made in Germany or made in China, they're some good fakes about , you may pm me if it says china ;)
  17. The grease packet in the kit has made in germany written on them, so yes I'd presume German.

    You may PM me an apology for presuming we are thick enough not to notice a fake ;)
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    I had a set of lobro ones fitted around a year and half ago - admittedly the van has been barely used, but they were outside for most of that and came off looking like new.

    I used the new gkn/lobro ones from GSF - full CV kits and conclude they are v good quality.

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