Where to buy alloy edging for cabinets

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by Stan, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Thanks, me too with moving house and other stuff going on with life its hard to get the time! Soon as I want to get all the materials out to cut, the phone goes and someone wants to view the house that week, so not worth the effort making the mess! It can wait a little longer..........:(
  2. Finally got around to doing the door. But of a pig with those tight corners but happy with results.
    Only issue now I have to redesign my interior cupboards to accomodate the alloy rather than the iron on stuff I originally intended.

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  3. That looks awesome Stan!
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  4. Thank you very kind of you to say.
    Hopefully be more durable to knocks and the alloy polishes up really well if you want that extra bling factor.
  5. That ally trim looks fab & finishes it off lovely :)
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  6. Stan - any chance of some pics of the rest of the interior ? Looking for some inspiration on improving mine a bit!
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  7. That looks loooveeely... had i seen this before, i might have taken a different approach to building my furniture.
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  8. Thanks Sven. Its not that difficult to cover what you have already have, fortunately I am still in the middle of building mine so I have time to adjust a few things. The only thinkg I really need to change is any 90degree edges are better rounded off so you get a nice finish with the alloy edge, this project is going to cost me a fortune I can see it!o_O
  9. Hi,

    Going to restart this old thread. Does anyone know where to get this stuff now? That website has changed and can't seem to see the trim on it anymore.
  10. Hi mate speak to Stan the owner ( not related) http://www.caravan-supplies.co.uk/docs/accessories.htm

    You can have any length just tell them.

    Hope this helps?
  11. This is the new website for the above. Bought loads of bits off them & as @Stan says the owner, Stan is a nice bloke. Likes a chat.....:D

  12. Thanks guys, how did you find it going around sharp corners? What angle do you think is maximum for a decent edge?
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  13. Its ok , try to keep the corners at least with a small curve not a sharp edge - you will build your muscles up a bit ! I Have not done any 45 degree sharp edges just tight curves, take your time roll it out more and pull it round holding the other edge tight. Dont worry about a little crease here and there , it polishes up nicely. The Plastic insert needs to be popped in warm water for a few mins to soften it up - goes in easier then also.

    I have to admit I am starting from scratch again with cabinets the laminated ply I got was not up to the job, the laminate started to peel in places so I will have to rebuild them! :(
    But at least it should be quicker I can use them as templates.

    My idea to make homemade lightweight cupboards is scrapped, I am buying lightweight 15mm ply from morland http://morland-uk.com/panels/lightweight-furniture-ply/ which is cheaper than the German stuff! It was just taking me too long... Keep posted I will do a seperate 'how to thread on mine as soon as I get some time' to actually do it, engine rebuild first - always something..............o_O
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  14. Cheers, I'm pretty lucky as I sublet my warehouse out to a small joiner company and the chippie there is amazing.

    We will be working on it lunchtimes and evenings together, with all their wonderful tools and his knowledge I'm hoping I can make something to last.
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