Where to buy alloy edging for cabinets

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by Stan, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. I have been recently building the furniture for my van, I have realised that iron on edging is totally useless in a camper environment and chips too easily.
    I do not like the plastic T shaped edging that is normal but fancy a bit of retro alloy beading either U shaped or just flat, similar to old Splittie conversions?

    Does anyone know where I can buy this sort of edging? I cant seem to find any in this country?
    Aluminium strips are too hard to bend around the sharp corners.

    It is to fit around cupboard doors ( mine sit proud of the base unit) I want a bit of a retro look?

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    Hiya Stan. Welcome back :)

    Sorry to thread-jack. I'll try to rack my brain about the strip.
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    i have a long roll in my garage if you want to buy it i will take a pic ibought it and never used you can have it for £20 plus postage if interested but it is t trim that has to be cut in to the wood edge it is beech in colour
  4. Thanks for the offer Ken but its alloy rather than the plastic T shaped edging that I want?
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    no problem stan i will look out for you
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  9. Thanks everyone - oh eck they are American (will try metals 4 you) :)
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  11. Mate you are a STAR!! Thats the one - I think its called Herzim??


    TE7 14ft alloy table edge including black insert £23.60

    Anyway been googling everywhere for this - even found it mentioned on a Routemaster Bus site but still no joy - will phone them now .
    Thanks Martin :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  12. Ordered - they seem like a proper old school place no frills just the stuff you need. I told them to update their website btw hehe
    They seem like very nice and know their stuff. Recommend :)
    Plus they must be good the guy is called Stan! :D
  13. I ordered those table hinges from them
    Great service
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  14. Got my edging very pleased with it. Simple enough to do.
    I covered the rear edge of my cupboard as below. The iron on edging was just not up to the job.
    So measure, cut, drill and countersink holes at regular places, scew to cupboard then place the black insert in hot water for a few mins to soften up, slot in and you are done.
    Cupboard door next on the list.

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  15. Looks good Stan
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  16. looks great, i'm a sucker for aluminum and chrome trim, it's all in the details and finish.

    I am trying to source old tram (street car?) aluminum trims, very much like the ones you are using.
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  17. Sven if you contact Caravan Supplies I am sure they could help you source some? http://www.caravan-supplies.co.uk/docs/accessories.htm
    There are lots of American companies that sell the sort of trim you are probably but try contacting UK Tram restoration enthusiasts for advice? Try these : http://www.britishtramsonline.co.uk/
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    Very neat, might do that when I rebuild the interior (hopefully this year :rolleyes:)
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