Where have all the Subies gone?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mgbman, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Get it done ... so who will you vote for next Thursday?
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  3. Big business’s don’t like .............. and unfortunately or not they will run the country . My vote won’t change anything . Since when didn’t the media run the country .
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  4. A few brickies were on site today and I asked if the day off was a Christmas present. It seems not. The story is the developer and contractor had a big meeting but the reason is under wraps for now.

    I said as long as the contractor pays them for work done and they said pay was made 2 months in arrears, so work done today would be paid in February 2020 if all goes well.

    Is this harsh payment scheme normal in the industry?
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  5. This makes sense.
  6. Pends what terms you agree to . I had my own terms and conditions on the reverse of my invoices ,which a lot of subcontractors don’t do , hence string along payment . Our solicitor said we won’t go the 30 days malarkey or penalty clause route and in my years I only ever had one who tried it on and went bust moving there funds to a sister company but our solicitor was too fast he went for the sister company and we were one of the only subcontractors that got their money . Two weeks was our terms as per a lot of the big boys like BT , Shell UK , gov etc etc . And interest on unpaid invoices after 30 days . It worked for us .
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  7. This late payment malarkey must hurt and I reckon that's why the East Europeans all left. They come over here to work and send money to their families so need prompt payment for work done. I wonder if the materials suppliers have to wait 2 months.
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  8. Yes, they probably do.
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