Where have all the Subies gone?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mgbman, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. On the new build development near me its all gone ghostly quiet. Yesterday the subies knocked off very early and the contractor firm was in there moving its plant off site.

    The build has been going slow for a while and the Albanians left some weeks ago. Sales have been very slow, not surprising at a million each.

    Today its all shut and locked up except for the 4 occupied ones now looking lonely and isolated.

    Does this suggest the contractor may have gone bust?

    What about the subies who were on the site up to yesterday? It all looks rather sad.
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    I’d say it looks likely they’ve gone pop especially if plant has been moved on.

    subbies cleared off as they’ve not been paid , it all sounds to be not a great story
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  3. Someone’s gone bust.
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    Or perhaps they have broke up early for Christmas as they are minted. :thumbsup:
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  5. See in the press that Clinton cards have completed a pre-packed administration - wiped its debt and sold back to its previous owners - how the hell can that be allowed!?
  6. You've scared them off - staring at them through your binoculars!
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  7. I'd like to think its a pre Christmas shut down, just worry about folks not being paid if its gone bust. They only finished the sold ones and the rest are either just shells or foundations.

    I know they were struggling on the site as its got natural springs and old landfill and its on a steep site, it had to be piled and the rain we have had has swamped the lower areas and there are problems with the tanking.

    The site is on my walk and I always chatted to the contractors and subies, very friendly chaps, that's why I am concerned they get paid.
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  8. Had a conversation with a site manager yesterday who was phoning to see if I would start up again and work for his new employer.
    Conversation went, what's the payment terms, monthly invoice paid in 30 days.
    Here lays the problem, your 60 days in before seeing any money. The main contractor decides he doesn't want to pay after 30 days but 45 or 60. What do you do? Your effectively paying for the build.
    You take the men off site then wait for the court to try and get your cash.
    Happened to me last year.
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  9. Maybe they all drive home for Christmas and go through France, Left early knowing the Froggies were going on strike :)
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  10. Maybe that's why the Albanians and Romanians left weeks ago, not getting paid.

    The other subies are British and were doing the electrical, plumbing and carpentry and joinery. The developer is one of the big name firms but I know their costs have over run to the tune of several millions and they surely need to get the houses built and sold. Maybe its the market and their prices and the flooded gardens putting people off buying them.

    Presumably the main contractor agreed a price for the contract and took a chance with the difficult site and its cost them.
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  11. I've stepped back from self employed asset surveying for a while for the same reason - too risky nowadays to wait 60 days to get paid, which is often longer than the appointment lasts and after I've finished surveying and delivered the reports.

    Not keen on working via an umbrella Co either, as they want to take a large slice of what you earn for doing very little.
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  12. Main thing I don't get is, they moan about not being able to find good subbies, then want to shaft you when your there.
    Spoke to another old friend/site manager last week and he said his contracts manager, when told he would lose subbies, said no problem we will get somebody else. :confused:
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  13. But Alexander is going to build 60 new hospitals and 100,000 houses if he gets back in - they'll need to pull bods out of nursing homes and cemeteries to get that done.
  14. or get the Albanians back.
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  15. I misread the the thread title for a minute :D
  16. I'll be honest, I thought it was about "ripping the heart out" too!!!
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  17. Was you thinking Scooby snacks :)
  18. Yes but when you first met Bazza you thought he was a big girl.

    Oh!! wait :thinking:
  19. I know you like a bad news story, if it is a major house builder then I would expect them going bust would have been in the press. The question is have they made everything wind and watertight, if so they might have just decided that in the short term it's not worth pumping more money into buildings (by completing them) that they cannot sell at a price to turn a profit or the level of profit they require to meet their return requirements. They do sometimes leave them wind and watertight and wait hoping for market conditions to improve.
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  20. My son is a subcontractor he works for the big boys . He told me the other day he might have to lay a couple of his blokes off as it’s slowing down. The lack of confidence and uncertainty is causing problems . Get it done .
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