When in Cornwall...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kkkaty, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Do you have to get a Visa from the Duke to get in
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  2. Just bung Andy a tenner. He’ll arrange it :thumbsup:
  3. I’m going soon :)
  4. Have they lifted your ban Barn :)
  5. Would love to try the sea fury..:cool:

    We bought scrumpy back to a campsite
    in half gallon plastic milk cartons from a pub in Dartmouth..
    Was dark jaffa..:cool:
    :beer:Was an interesting weekend..
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  6. I'd be worried what his Quid pro quo would be! :eek:
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  7. no not when it’s full of supplies and beer no they can’t . :p
  8. Likewise I also got a gallon of cider in Somerset. It tasted really metallic, not unlike the mineral water at Leamington Spa, which has a lot of iron in it.
  9. Looks like a very fab line up!
    Would rather like to be in Cornwall now too :)
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  10. It’s been great. Had a short job to do so turned it into a four day break. Bloody long way from Kent though...
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  11. I hate to say this. But it’s better than Doom Bar. 5% so a bit stronger too.

    I kept having to double check though...
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  12. Sadly, doombar is made in Burton upon Trent nowadays and it has lost a bit of taste/character.

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  13. What’s the world coming to? I used to be a fan of Newcastle Brown Ale in my youth but a bottle I had last week was brewed in Tadcaster (that’s in Yorkshire if you didn’t know).
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  14. It is indeed, they had it on in our village pub not so long back. I had to keep checking too:beer:
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  15. Mrs P used to work for Scottish and Newcastle Brewers - her dept were allowed a beer allowance every month. She didn't drink beer so used to get a crate of Newcastle Brown for me.

    Happy days!
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