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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kkkaty, Dec 4, 2019.

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    Oh I say! If only I had a jaunting belt I would be there with you right now!! I’m not sure which one I’d have first tho :) . Have a fab time x
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  4. Don’t go further West than St Austell. They’ve all got twelve fingers.
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  5. I discovered Doom Bar beer while working for a few days on a GPS system at WGP near Bude.

    I took a holiday with the family in the first year with my bus in Bude.

    Doom Bar !

    Techenders !
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  6. I'd start on the Tribute

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  7. V good call.
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  9. I can't really drink cider nowadays but Rattler do a fab cider that is put in oak barrels and deceptively sold in wine bottles.

  10. Bloomin alkeeeez :D
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  11. Yes and not cheap too ....why can't you drink cider ...too acidic or to strong .?
  12. Marmite pub no pride:thumbsup:
  13. Too acidic, had a stomach ulcer when I was 18!!!!

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  14. They have a splitty in their promotional video but also feature a nice blonde playing a mandolin so can't be all bad.

    Many, many years ago we went on a camping holiday to Cornwall and one afternoon involved a visit to a cider farm (no idea which one). Unable to drink as I was driving and with our two then small children with us, we got a four pint takeaway of their cloudy scrumpy. Well, we thought we'd have a pint with our supper and a pint the next day. Didn't quite work out like that as we emptied the whole jug that night. Can't recall how the rest of the evening went but it was jolly good stuff.
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  15. Plenty of pride going on there, all Cornish beers

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  17. Yes it is acidic ...especially unpasteurised strong scrumpy ...Once bought a gallon in a plastic container from a farm in somerset ......had two pints and had a burning throat at 3 in the morn , in fact i thought i had been sick .
    sadly it didn't put be off drinking cider ...but give scrumpy a second look .
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  19. Probably more the fault of £1 specials in the late 80s of Diamond White and K Ciders and crappy Woodpecker and Autumn Gold. I know there a lot better quality ciders about today, I've had the odd sip of a few.

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  20. Loads of Great guitarists and piano players, live there...
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