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  1. In my opinion and without wanting to upset anyone on here, I think early bays look better than lates. I didn't know much about busses when I got mine (some people may argue that I still don't), I just knew that I wanted one with low lights as I thought they looked better. Went out saw one I liked the look of and bought it. Turned out to be a crossdresser (didn't know what one of them was at the time either) and was the right decision. Looks like an early from the front but with most of the good stuff from a late up the back. :thumbsup:

    Plus this site is better than over there, they're all too serious (miserable) over there.
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  3. Early's look very nice lowered as well :thumbsup:
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  4. Personally the crossdresser with a 2l engine is the dogs(obviously not stock!)- the front is just awesome.

    Saw some bizarro job being welded at T2D the other week...appeared to have bay front and back and a splittie barn door middle. Apparently they just used the parts they had in stock lying aound when making them in Brazil....it looked totally mental and very very ugly!
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    That'll be a fleetline.
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    Lates are available in a myriad of lovely colours.
    Earl1es are only available in be1ge.
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    not true the red ones are awesome in patina.
  8. Ah that is what they are called. It was truly awfull looking, and disturbing in a "that is just so wrong it is upsetting me to look at" kinda way.
  9. It's up there with the Subaru Samba in the wrongness stakes!!!
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  10. Yep can't argue with that. Got complimented the other day on how we had managed to match the colour of our van and our Stop-Lok wheel clamp. :)
  11. Yes even reading the name upsets me!!! Lol
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    Nothing wrong with Subaru conversions.
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    Only 99% are in "false-leg be1ge"
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    You have to admit that conversions involving VW bits to Subaru's are less than successful:

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    Fair point
  16. could be worse

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  17. There's also lots of good things about earlies that were discontinued on lates to save money.
    I fitted a late box to my 68 without too much bother.
    Brakes argueable, my drums are better before they fade. And I fitted a servo, lots of lates don't have a servo.
    Steering is the same if you convert the box.
    I have a bigger engine, lots of lates have 1600's.
  18. How rude :lol:

    Fleetlines are awesome buses, proper rogues - slam one to the floor, high spec motor, decent brakes..whats not to like :D

    ** Disclaimer applies..not everyones cup of tea..I'd roll one :D
  19. I don't care as long as I can sleep in it...:thumbsup:

    If I was buying another bay, it would be a level playing ground, early/late makes no difference..
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  20. If I was looking for another van now, I'd be much more conserned with the condition of the metal than the other differences.

    Unwelded and not rusty would be my number 1 priority.

    Most of the other stuff is easy to change to suit you
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