What's the main differences between....

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  1. A Late Bay and an prototype.

    A couple of T2's have come up for sale a couple of miles away, but they are both early bays circa 1970.

    They both look great, but I was wondering what the differences would be to a late bay.

  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Different front / rear lights.
    Different rear vents
    Different front arches
    Fuel filler flap
    Wheel pcd
    Drum brakes / Non-servo
    Different door handles

    ^^^ Theres a non-exhaustive list but it gives you an idea.
    Basically, prototypes are just not quite as good and generally more expensive!
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    Agree - it's a bit like if you ever learnt to make things from clay in school - the first few attempts were crapola, and I think this was our German friends approach to van design and manufacture. Once they peaked with a latebay, they gave up and let the yts kids have a go with the T25 - of course they gave them a ruler to work with first.

    *@zed's and @Beaver's vans are epically cool though.
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  4. Steering boxes
  5. The forum is no comparison to this one...:cool:
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  6. With you on that one
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  7. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    all of them are tax free though.
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  8. Late
    Better brakes
    Better steering
    Some have bigger cc engines
    Only some are tax free

    Some say better looks
    All tax free
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  10. Poptop2

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    Sensible owners that don't come on here ( openly ) and mix it with the kids. ;)

    Rickyrooo1 scares them :p

    On a serious note. A good early is as good as a late, better than a splitty and superior to a t25. :hattip:
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  11. LHD does not bother me at all. I am after a quality bus rather than one I can take through a drive through :D
  12. :lol:

    Is it the case that if a prototype comes the other way, you both look the other way in an awkward kind of way....

    or just spit out of the window at each other , to see whose wipers work better ;);):D:D
  13. That is your first mistake.
  14. Never happens they're like Splitty's ,good for the driveway and towing to shows :thumbsup:
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    Nahh, Most of us love a good prototype. We call them Dad or Mum.
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  16. how much space do you want inside e.g. for sleeping? Most (all?) earlies have a 3/4 R&R bed, where some lates you get full width. The front hinged roof on an early normally has just one hammock (some have a bed, but its not as big as say, the bed you get in a late westy like a berlin, helsinki etc or a viking).

    ^ engines - its not just about ccs.. the "later" lates have a type 4 engine (1700. 1800 or 2000) v similar to that fitted to a porsche 914, where the earlies have a type 1 (like a beetle).
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  17. That's what i wanted to hear, great advice. I can now steer the wife away, as the point of this bus is to tour in with the twins (3 yo).

  18. Of course you could get a cross over best of both
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