What's gone wrong( don't read if you don't like football)

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  1. Didn't he get bird for not paying his ex Mrs
  2. Not sure ...he totalled 193 goals in his career ...looked him up on google ...Luton Town ..Newcastle ...arsenal .He retired at the age of 29 in 1979 .
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    He was good on Superstars :)
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  4. I remember him scoring all 5 goals for England in a 5-0 win over Cyprus at Wembley in the mid 70's. Apparently he'd been threatened with being dropped unless he upped his game so the rest of the players came up with a plan to pass to him at every available opportunity:D
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  5. and Fulham
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    I remember that game :)
  7. Sorry my mistake

    He always scored against Chelsea premier league champions 2016/17
  8. Mrs May has travelled to France just to watch England, go Mrs May
  9. Surely she's too busy... she certainly didn't look like she wanted to be there!

    Besides, isn't football a working class game?
  10. She works and she's class, so yes working class
  11. Theresa May has spoiled football for me & the rest of England. Poe faced f*****! AND what was that Mexican wave???? The woman makes my skin crawl!
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  12. Don't be so horrible, I would
  13. Dont listen to em Baz how is she to know when to stand up or sit down :D

    It did get a smile out of Frog PM tho
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  14. Champions are at home to Burnley first game
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    Could he be replaced




    And dare we dream, aided by....

  16. Also rans, can't wait for my 5 pints of Londons finest @Ploptop2
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  17. [​IMG] this made me laugh.

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  18. Also rans
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