What's gone wrong( don't read if you don't like football)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Chelsea are playing the second best team in Norf lundon
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  2. I'm being nice
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  3. What a gent ;)

    Early in last nights match the Leicester supporters where chanting "came third in a two horse race" which I thought was quite funny.... and hilarious after the sixth goal :)
  4. Is it the cricket cup final :D
  5. If it was Chelsea would win it
  6. Were you there in 1997 against Middlesbrough? It's the only cup final I've been to(as a Northampton fan my interest in the cup is usually over by early December!). My wife won a couple of tickets in a competition at work and luckily we were in the Chelsea end as earlier in the season we were due to go to her firms hospitality box at Blackburn vs Boro but they pulled out due to a virus at the club. They were subsequently docked 3 points which ultimately cost them their place in the Prem. It would have been on my birthday too so I had a dislike of them that persists to this day. The atmosphere in the Chelsea end was brilliant, especially when Roberto DiMatteo scored after 42 seconds and we were made very welcome as honorary blues fans for the day:)
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  7. I've Only missed 2 cup finals Chelsea have played in since 1967, that's 10 FA cup finals, 6 league cup finals and 1 champions league final, the 2 I missed were the Super Cup Final in Monaco and when we won the champions league in Munich,( I lost out in the ballot)
    The 1997 final was a great day except that I missed the opening goal, I was busting for a pee, and while I was running back up the stairs the place erupted
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  8. My friends and I were recently talking about the 1997 FA cup final, not the game but the celebration drink afterwards I don't think I've ever drank so much in my life, we went back to Stamford bridge for a street party, we drank all night and all of Sunday, I think I had a hangover for 3 days
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  10. Oh no, scummy Millwall have won promotion
  11. Well, 13 goals in 4 days! I really hope this spurs side maintains this run into next season. :)
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  13. The only time you ever see John Terry is when he puts his Chelsea strip on to collect a trophy. So undignified.
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  14. Well then, no more football until the England games....
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    Piffle. Two little clubs enjoying the nostalgic Wembley dream ;)
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  18. So, fishing is fun :)
  19. Fishing is enjoyable, definitely relaxing, I wouldn't say it's fun
  20. Yeah yeah, yeah

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